Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stanford Study Shows Indiana Charter Schools Leading Traditional Public Schools in Student Improvement

The Indianapolis Star reports:
Charter schools in Indiana are among the nation’s best at raising student test scores when compared with other public schools, a Standford University study showed. 
Of the 23 states and cities examined so far as part of the continuing study, Indiana’s charter schools rank fifth best for the test score gains of their students.
Stanford’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes followed up and expanded on a 2011 examination that also lavished praise on the state’s charter school performance.
The charter school sector continues to be strong in Indiana,” said Margaret Raymond, the center’s director. 
The results were roughly the same as in 2011, with especially impressive reading results. Almost 20 percent of the charters saw significantly more gain in reading than typical public schools in the state. Fewer than one in 10 charters had reading gains that failed to outperform other public schools. 
When scores for charter school students are compared directly to students who are similar to them in terms of demographic backgrounds and prior academic performance, the charter school students appeared to learn more.
The study estimates the average charter school student likely is about a month and a half further ahead in reading and math than if they had attended their local public schools. In Indianapolis, the effect was more pronounced — charter school students came out about two months ahead of where they might have been if they attended Indianapolis Public Schools or township schools, the study reported.
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What never ceases to amaze me is that the defenders of the status quo in education continue to spin tall tales about charter schools.  They'll say charter schools aren't public schools.  Yes they are. They'll say charters get voucher money.  Of course they don't....they're public schools.  They'll say that charters can "cherrypick" the best students.  No, by law they have to have open enrollment, taking anyone who applies and using a lottery if there are too many applicants for open spots.  Plus, on average the students charters get are underperforming their peers at traditional public schools and then, after a few years at the charter, have turned things around.  They also will say that charters don't have to serve special needs children. Yes, by law charter schools have to provide education to special needs children just like any other children who apply.  Charter schools do all this with none of the facility funds that traditional public schools get from property taxes. 

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Anonymous said...

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to question your article or the information you have in it. I have been really interested in sending my child to a charter school, so I did my homework. I have been doing my own research and I realized that the level of education in charter schools isn’t that high (children also buy essays online over there). Most public schools can easily beat it. So, as for me this is just an advertising trick for people willing to blindly spend their money. As for me, I chose a usual public school over a charter one and I am happy with my decision!