Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tis the Season for Fake Partisan Polls Designed to Motivate the Troops

I remember when I first became active in Marion County Republican politics.   As the election season wound down to its final days, party leaders would come rushing into headquarters with the big announcement that the race had tightened.  If the GOP candidate had been polling ahead, the news was that new internal polling showed the Democratic opponent surging to within a few points.  If the Republican candidate had been behind, the news was that a new poll showed the GOP candidate within reach of his or her opponent. 

The answer to the new polling result was always the same.  We party workers had to work harder. Turning out our folks was critical to success.

It took me a couple election cycles but I finally figured out that these last minute polls touted by party leaders were LIES designed to motivate the troops.

I thought of that lesson when I saw the news that a new Democratic poll shows John Gregg surig to within 3 points of Mike Pence, 47-44 with 9% undecided.  

My response:  Yeah, right. 

The fact the poll is a lie is actually evident by the result.  There is a big name Libertarian in the race, Rupert Boneham, who will get a significant percentage of the vote on Election Day.  So the poll showing 100% divided between Gregg, Pence and undecided makes no sense.

No, the result will be 54-41-5 for Pence, Gregg and Rupert. Bet the farm and the first born.


M Theory said...

This is not surprising considering the source is liars and hypocrites.

I got a mailer today from "Patriot Majority USA" (PO BOX 35522, Washington DC 20033-5522)

It pictured a very good looking caramel skinned man on the cover with the quote, "They can't stop me from going forward. They won't stop me from voting."

Then it when on to say...

"across the country - including here in Indiana - Big Oil Billionaires and their special interest buddies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy this election. And a big part of their plan is to keep us from voting.

They'll try anything to stop us-knocking African Americans off the voter rolls - demanding ID - indtimidating the most vulterable among us.

But it won't work here in Indiana.

This election is about our future - not their money. And we are moving forward.

Together our votes are more powerful than their money."

The junk mailer, shoved through my mailslot as unwanted litter on my foyer was full color 8" x 11" heavy slick cardstock. It was not cheap to produce or mail.

My polling place is staffed with a very diverse ethnic mix of people. There is no harrassment or intimidation. In fact, they are very friendly and welcoming.

The mailer was addressed to someone who lived in my home more than 20 years ago.

Paul K. Ogden said...

The whole voter suppression argument by Democrats is the biggest bunch of garbage ever put forth. 75% to 80% of the people are perfectly fine showing a photo ID to vote and frankly were shocked when before no ID was required...just a signature. It's a dumb, dumb, dumb issue for the Democrats to waste time with.

artfuggins said...

You just made our point. The other 25 to 30% lack picture ID or the money and means to get one. These are American citizens who are supposed to be guaranteed the right to vote. It should not be a lengthy and expensive process to do so.

Jeff Cox said...

Art ,

1. Paul did not say 80% have ID. He said 80% have no problem showing ID. Big difference.

2. And you just made our point. American CITIZENS have a right to vote. Which means they must show they are citizens. Which is not hard. Unless you are not a citizen.

Jeff Cox said...

BTW - Paul, can you get rid of that damn word check please?

Indy Rob said...

Hmm, Indiana's photo id law does not seem to have changed voter turnout since it was enacted in 2006.

In 2004, 2.45 million votes were cast for president.
In 2008, 2.72 million votes were cast for president.

Indiana requires a government-issued ID with your photo, not expired since last general election, and has an expiration date. The name must generally match your registered name (Paul Ogden matches Paul K. Ogden). Does not seem like much of a issue.

M Theory said...


Does that 25% who lacks the means to get an ID have the means to get a TV? What about a phone? Can they get one of those?

Ben said...

Wonder where the RINO hunters are today?

Downtown Indy said...

Interest that the Star has issued no endorsement for President.