Tuesday, October 23, 2012

President Obama Never Recovered From First Debate

Last night, the last of the three presidential debates featured Barack Obama's strongest performance by far.  The President is clearly most comfortable when talking about foreign policy as opposed to economic policy.  Mitt Romney at times appeared out of sorts.  None of this is a surprise.  A sitting President is briefed every day on foreign policy, while the challenger, a former Governor no less, has to learn foreign policy basically from scratch, the same way Obama had to learn the subject four years ago.  So the fact President Obama bested Mitt Romney in a debate on foreign policy is not exactly a surprise.

The simple fact though is that people don't vote on foreign policy.  The only exception is when the country is involved in a major war that attracts the daily attention of the average public.  Afghanistan isn't that war.

Despite President Obama winning Debates #2 and #3, though I have to question whether #2 wasn't more of a draw, his polling numbers never bounced back from his roundly panned performance in Debate #1. Today the Real Clear Politics Average of Polls show Romney with a .5% lead nationally.  Obama had a few point lead before the first debate.

Worse for President Obama is that Romney appears to be on the verge of putting formerly Obama-leaning states back into play.  A poll in New Hampshire released today has Romney up 1 point.  Other polls released today shows Obama's lead in Nevada down to 2 points while only ahead 5 points in Minnesota.  Two polls released on Monday show Obama's lead in Pennsylvania dwindling to 5 and 3 points.  A poll yesterday showed Iowa as a tie.

Democrats have to be concerned the election is drifting away from the President.  Romney isn't a great candidate and he hasn't run a great campaign.  But he and his campaign may be just good enough to win.


M Theory said...

Things that will stay the same regardless of which "approved" POTUS candidate we choose from their false matrix of left vs. right.

1. NDAA - still in effect, government has dictator power to detain and imprison whistle blowers or any other person they don't like for any reason

2. Patriot Act - not going anywhere

3. QE Infinity - no sound money, continual printing of fiat

4. War on Terror

5. TSA 4th Amendment violations

6. Wars based on false flag events

Jeff Cox said...

It doesn't matter if Obama is more comfortable discussing foreign policy. So was Jimmy Carter. They both still suck.

Cato said...

At least the President doesn't simultaneously advocate both sides of every issue.

There is no Romney. A vote for Romney can be seen as nothing but a race-based vote.

Jeff Cox said...

Hitler didn't advocate both sides of every issue, either. Neither did Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot or Hugo Chavez. Doesn't make them good rulers.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Jeff, I didn't say Obama was right on foreign policy...just more comfortable which comes across. Not everyone though has your expertise when it comes to foreign policy issues. In fact, very, very few do.