Wednesday, May 30, 2012

School Officials Overreact...Again; Second Grader Faces Expulsion for Bringing Beer to School old is the kid, maybe 8 years old?  Expulsion seems unduly harsh for a kid who may well not know right from wrong.  Rather, maybe we should fire the school officials for being so stupid to think of expelling the boy.  Talk about overkill.  The Indianapolis Star reports:
A second-grade boy found at school with three unopened bottles of beer today at IPS School 55 was suspended and faces expulsion.

District spokeswoman Kim L. Hooper said the school’s principal happened to hear something clinking or jangling in the boy’s backpack as he and other students were leaving the school cafeteria after breakfast this morning.

The principal asked what he had in his backpack and when he didn’t respond, she looked inside the backpack to find three bottles of Budweiser.

The boy was taken to the principal’s office and acknowledged that he knew he had brought the bottles to school, but gave no explanation.

Students are prohibited from bringing alcohol and drugs to school, Hooper said.

Per procedure, the principal contact Child Protective Services to look into how a second-grader had access to alcohol, and the boy’s parent or guardian was called to pick him up from school. 


Indy Rob said...

Seriously, CPS needs to look into (IE investigate a household) where a second grader obtained 3 bottles of beer? Let me guess, either his parents refrigerator or his parents pantry. How many parents lock up beer?

Yes, the student needs to be talked to, asked what he was thinking, the school and his parents need to chat, and he needs a scolding and lectures in responsibility. Most eight year olds have fairly lax judgment. Expulsion and or a CPS investigation is a waste.

Paul K. Ogden said...
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Paul K. Ogden said...

IndyRob, I think the people who want to go after the parents are also going way over the top. The kid probably took the beer out of the refrigerator. Who locks up beer? And who does a search of their kids' backpack to make sure they didn't slip something in the bag when they weren't looking?

The whole thing is seriously blown out of proportion - both the school's plans to expel the kid and the witch hunt of the parents for supposedly being irresponsible.

patriot paul said...

Where did the beer end up; the teachers' lounge?

Cato said...

Public schools more closely resemble prisons than halls of education.

Of course, with ignorant education majors being granted a teaching monopoly, and with the government wanting to entrench its power, the purpose of schools is to create stupid children who are inculcated into a life of obedience to the state and who lack the philosophical and critical-thinking skills to imagine another reality.

Cato said...

Anyone who wants to use state violence to "go after" the parents is the worst form of fascist and an enemy of freedom.