Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Ogden for Judge Commercial Addresses So-Called Judicial Endorsements and the Party Bosses Telling Voters They Must "Say No to the Os"


Cato said...

Another good ad.

Ever think about attacking the integrity of the ones who do pay the $12,000?

"Justice should be free in Marion County, not come with a price tag that your judge pays to his political party to get on the ballot. Running for office should be open to all qualified candidates. But some candidates pay to their party to keep honest candidates off the ballot and out of the race. Can you really trust a judge who buys his way into office?"

Vote integrity, not the slate.

Vote Paul Ogden

Pete Boggs said...

How about O-Yes or Double-O?

M Theory said...

Best ad yet! Great job!

Rhonda Lee said...

Whoo hoo!!! A respectable 12th place finish!!! All those green yard signs really got out the vote!