Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fox 59 Investigative Reporter Anne Yeager Leaves Station

Anne Yeager
It hasn't gotten any press that I know of, but Fox 59 investigative reporter Anne Yeager announced via Facebook that she is leaving the station to take a job reporting and teaching in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio.  Yeager's tenure at the station was brief, only about a year.  In the spring of 2011, she replaced award winning investigative reporter Kim King who took what was supposed to be her dream job in Dallas at Channel 5.  However, King left that position just a few months later in November 2011.  A Texas blog reported:

“Kimberly King made a difficult decision to leave NBC 5 because of a family matter,” an NBC 5 Station spokesperson told mikemcguff.com. “We respect her need to make her family a priority.”

That's a shame as I think Kim King is one of the sharpest reporters around.  I'm sure she regrets that the Lugar residency story I gave her was pulled at the last minute. Fox 59 would have been months ahead of a big story that ended up playing a major role in the downfall of a six term U.S. Senator.

As far as Anne Yeager, we will miss her.  One can speculate whether her eagerness to do ground-breaking, investigative stories conflicted with the Indianapolis news environment which is reluctant to take on the powerful local political and business establishment which runs this city.


I know said...

I think you can remove the word speculation from your last paragraph

Music Scott said...

I left Indianapolis close to 15yrs ago and it would seem the political environment remains the same. Actually, in terms of news coverage it is pretty similar everywhere. Very superficial, refusing to rock the boat, let alone report on who might be behind the comings and goings of the boat.

Anne Yeager said...
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Anne Yeager said...

Thanks Paul. I love Indiana and tried so hard to get justice for the people who needed me. I will always hold a soft spot in my heart for my Hoosiers.