Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Star Columnist Pens Column Mocking His Critics for Being Stupid

Matt Tully
Wow.  Just when you think Indianapolis Star columnist Matt Tully couldn't sink any lower, he does exactly that.  Today he pens a column mocking his critics as being stupid.  Here are some samples:
Jim: Your (March 9) column made me want to puke. Why? I voted for Dick Luger  in every election since mayor, and I was appalled by his ads attacking Mourdock.

Tully: Well, I'm kind of appalled by your spelling of "Lugar." But I do apologize for being the source of your indigestion.

Gary: Sir, may I disagree with the column you wrote?

Tully: Of course Please continue.

Gary: Sen. Lugar is a Republican in name only, and really a liberal.

Tully: OK, serious question: Have you ever actually met a liberal? Because if that label includes Lugar and everyone to his left, then at least three-quarters of Indiana is liberal. And, thus, we are the Berkeley of the Midwest?


Reportedly Tully got in trouble with his bosses for using his Star email to mock a subscriber who criticized him.  So here he decides to mock his critics in his column anonymously.  Tully writes his column in such a way that he implies that anyone who disagrees with his Lugar column is just plain stupid.

Of course, when Tully wrote the column, he ignored any evidence inconsistent with his position.  He offers no explanation for why the Senator should be able to use a house he sold 35 years ago, falsely signing documents under oath for voting, taxes and driving, that he resides at that address.  This was after Tully wrote a serious of columns mocking Charlie White for ONCE allegedly voting not using his residence, something Lugar has done consistently for the past 35 years.   Why doesn't Tully at least demand that Lugar get a home in the State so the Senate doesn't decide he is not an "inhabitant" of the State and refuse to seat him?

Tully's m.o. though is to ignore any facts that doesn't support his narrow-minded opinions.  I don't have a problem with Tully being a liberal.  What I have a problem with is Tully's narrowmindedness and his complete lack of intellectual honesty.  For that, there is no excuse.


Nicolas Martin said...

"The press stands in approximately the same relation to life as reading tea leaves stands to metaphysics." -- Karl Kraus (1874-1936)

patriot paul said...

I'm fairly used to reading his column but this one came close to throwing up my McDonald's pancakes. I'm willing to give him a pass on ignorance and no research, but this article was another non-sensical blah showing his replies to be arrogant, flippant, and frivolous, which just about sums up another shallow writing. It really gives satire a bad name. Tully is yielding credence to those who feel he's outlived his usefulness, and he is adult challenged. I've had more responsible conversations from waitresses. Could I speak to a manager please.

Southsider said...

A real waste of paper and ink.

M Theory said...

Tully displays both his contempt and narcissism in this column.

Unknown said...

Tully's not a liberal, or much of anything one way or the other; he's just a bad political writer. However, The Star is going to keep him on because of his ability to stir things up and keep people talking. That's what sells newspapers, or radio programs, after all. Until The Star starts losing money on him, he'll be employed. I recommend doing what I've been doing for a long time, which is, don't bother to read his columns. That's two minutes of your life you'll never get back.