Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Attorney General Greg Zoeller Compromises Integrity of His "Objective" Legal Opinion on Lugar Residency, Participates in Lugar Commercial using AG Office

So on the eve of the State Election Commission hearing dealing with a Lugar residency issue, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller issues an advisory opinion to assist Lugar.  Now Zoeller appears in a Lugar commercial slamming Mourdock, apparently even using his Statehouse office to film part of it.   And we're supposed to take Zoeller's opinion as an objective interpretation of the law?  Yeah, right.

It is a shame that the task of Indiana Attorney General's writing advisory legal opinions has become so politicized.  This isn't the first time that Zoeller has ignored law to write an opinion to help a political ally.  He did the same thing in 2010 when he wrote an opinion saying the civil forfeiture law was constitutional, an determination sought by county prosecutors who wanted cover to continue pocketing money that should be turned over to the Common School Fund as required by law and the Indiana Constitution.  The conclusion in that opinon was criticized by a Marion County Superior Court judge and the Indiana Supreme Court completely ignored it in suggesting the law might well be unconstitutional because of the mandate that the Common School Fund be made up of "all forfeitures."

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Gary R. Welsh said...

It certainly looks like the footage of Lugar and Zoeller together was filmed in Zoeller's State House office. Don't forget that Zoeller met his wife while he was working in Washington on Quayle's staff and she was working on Lugar's staff.