Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ron Paul's Campaign Claims to be Ahead in Delegate Count in Race for GOP Nomination

Even though Ron Paul is the only remaining GOP candidate to not have won a state, his people are claiming that they are actually ahead in the delegate count.  A most interesting interview by Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.


Nicolas Martin said...

If I were running the Paul campaign and this were my strategy, I would shut the hell up about it.

M Theory said...

The campaign has done a great job of reaching out to supporters to become delegates. As a contributor to Ron Paul's campaign, I received as many as three emails per day and also phone calls.

The deadline to be an Indiana delegate was this past Friday and we are one of the last primary states, so I guess the other campaigns would have a hard time catching up at this point.

Ron Paul has what the other candidates don't have...he has a huge grassroots volunteer force who will show up, work, and use their own money to help.

Romney, on the other hand, is heavily funded by Goldman Sachs and not necessarily individuals.