Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ogden on Poliltics Endorses Richard Mourdock in Race Against Richard Lugar

After giving it some thought, Ogden on Politics has decided to endorse Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock in his race against incumbent U.S. Senator Richard Lugar.
State Senator Richard Mourdock

While I have written several blog posts discussing Lugar's residency and his fraudulently using someone else's address as his own, I have not delved into the other issues in the U.S. Senate race.  At the outset, let me highlight one of them - immigration - an issue on which my position is a lot closer to Lugar's than Mourdock.  I believe an enforcement only approach is unrealistic.  As an attorney, who has dealt with some immigration clients, I have seen how horribly broken the current naturalization process is. We need comprehensive immigration reform.  We certainly don't need to punish law-abiding children of illegal immigrants who had nothing to do with their parents decision to enter our country illegally.

But on the other issues, Mourdock is the hands down winner in my book.  Let me hit some of them.
Senator Richard Lugar
  • LUGAR IS NOT A RESIDENT OF INDIANA.  Lugar has a million dollar home in Virginia.  When Lugar comes to Indianapolis, he stays in hotels.  He has no residence in Indiana and for the last 35 years has been using someone else's address for registration and voting, signing documents under oath that he lives at that address.  What Charlie White is accused of doing is jaywalking compared to what Lugar admits to have been doing.  If Lugar wants to run for Senator for Virgina, I'm fine with that.  But he should not be using someone else's house, claiming it is his Indiana "residence." 
  • LUGAR SUPPORTED CORPORATE BAILOUTS.  Lugar was 100% supportive of the corporate bailouts, preferring Wall Street over Main Street.  Lugar supported the GM and Chrysler bailouts.  Lugar supported Obama's $700 million TARP bailout of the financial industry which did nothing to avoid the recession.  Meanwhile the financial industry executives rewarded themselves with bonuses paid for with our tax dollars.
  • LUGAR SUPPORTS EARMARKS.  Much of the problem with unnecessary spending would cease with ending the practice of "earmarks," burying pork barrel spending in the budget bill.  Lugar is fine with the current system.  Mourdock is not. 
  • LUGAR DOES NOT SUPPORT SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Lugar has supported gun control while in Congress, earning a D+ rating from the NRA and an F from the Gun Owners of America.  Mourdock meanwhile earned an A from the NRA.
  • LUGAR VOTES FOR LIBERAL JUDICIAL NOMINEES.  Lugar takes the position that the U.S. Senate should not consider a nominee's judicial philosophy in deciding whether to confirm the nominee.  As a result, Lugar has voted for every liberal, activist Supreme Court justice, including Obama's appointment of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.  He also voted for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, a Clinton appointee.  I do not believe in unilateral disarmament when it comes to considering appointees to the federal judiciary.  Democratic Senators are considering judicial philosophy and issues when deciding the fate of federal judicial appointees. Mourdock understands that Republican Senators should do the same.
  • LUGAR HAS POOR CONSTITUENT SERVICES.  A few years ago, I had the need to contact federal and state officials about a problem my uncle was having with the overzealous Corp of Engineers who had cited him for using a bulldozer to push some dirt to shore up a creek bed wall that was collapsing on his farm.  The state officials were great.  Very helpful.  Then Sen. Bayh and then Congressman Baron Hill acknowledged the problem and tried to help.  The Lugar staffer was terrible.  He wouldn't even wait for me to outline the problem.  He immediately assumed my uncle had done something he shouldn't have done and concluded my uncle should spend tens of thousands of dollars complying with the Corp's ridiculous requests, including that my uncle plant certain weeds in the creek bed, kill other weeds that were not desirable, and hire a plane to fly over the creek bed and photograph the area.  I later called back Lugar's national office to complain about the staffer and was assured someone from Lugar's office would call me back to discuss it.  At least two years have passed and I'm still waiting for that phone call.  I don't know if Mourdock's constituent services will be better than Lugar's but most assuredly, they can't be any worse than Lugar's. 
Richard Mourdock has been a fine State Treasurer and seems much more in tune with Hoosiers on the issues than Virginia resident Richard Lugar.  I wholeheartedly endorse Mourdock for U.S. Senator.


varangianguard said...

That's a lot of "not", but what is Mr. Mourdock "for"?

Paul K. Ogden said...


It wasn't a comprehensive list.

Any election involving an incumbent, especially someone in office for 30 years, is a referendum on the incumbent. Nonetheless, that Mourdock stands for the opposite on the issues I've identified is implied if not explicit in the text.

A big thing is residence. There is no getting around that one. The man is simply not a resident of Indiana. I want my Senators to be residents of Indiana.

varangianguard said...

Oh, I see. Novelty.

Well, I guess we can blame Republicans for that one. Senators used to maintain the fiction of a local residence back in the day.

And, you should always be explicit. Might lose your "lawyering" card, iffin' ya don't.

Ben said...

Adolf Mourdock is such a pleasant fellow. He has the personality of a gutter rat. Ya, I want this racist to be my man in DC.

According to Mourdock, if your not a lilly white anglo, your trash.

You still give us no good reason to vote to this ego maniac.All you have done is continue to bash Lugar.

$320,000 VS $5,350,000 Good luck Adolf

M Theory said...

I genuinely like Mourdock. He started showing up at small meetings with libertarian minded people shortly after he was treasurer. I appreciated that he took time out of his schedule to show up at small meetings and interact with people.

I also always appreciated what he had to say. My gut tells me he's honest and sincere.

I lost my trust in Senator Lugar when he voted to bailout the banks against the will of the American people, and especially against the will of Republicans. That Lugar ignored the will of his constituents never set well with me.

I'm willing to give Mourdock a try for six years. I think he is actually a conservative and Lugar is not one.

Lugar is a politician who does not reside in Indiana, who supports banker bailouts, who votes for liberal judges, and who votes against the will of his Republican contituents.

Mourdock has my support.

Downtown Indy said...

And Lugar is 'Obama's favorite senator' -- isn't he?

Jonathan Starks said...

I like your thought and research into numerous aspects that I wouldn't or couldn't delve into. You do a lot better job than many paid ti do just that. However, the reference to Obama's TARP bailout is clearly wrong. That one is clearly Bush's to live with - Obama has plenty of his own boondoggles to handle.

patriot paul said...

Lugar called tea partiers 'out of tough' and to 'get real'. He gains nothing by alienating a chunk of his constituency who used to vote for him. In point of fact, insulting us will make us work even harder to make his retirement 'get real'.

Pete Boggs said...

Ben: Having voted for RL my entire registered life, your comment makes a compelling case for change- was that your intent?

Nicolas Martin said...

I support Mencken's proposal to eliminate a residency requirement for members of congress.