Sunday, January 8, 2012

Suffolk/7 News Tracking Poll Shows Romney's Support in New Hampshire Eroding Over Past Week

Mitt Romney
Suffolk/7 News has started doing a daily tracking poll to gauge the race in New Hampshire.  Here are the past weeks' results for Mitt Romney.

1/2  43%
1/3  43%
1/4  41%
1/5  40%
1/6  39%
1/7  35%

Fortunately for Romney, that same tracking poll, which shows an erosion of his support in the Granite State, does not show any definite trend toward a non-Romney candidate.

During last night's debate, the non-Romneys were more interested in attacking each other than going after Romney.  The strategy is to be the last non-Romney candidate in order to take on the former Massachusetts governor one-on-one.  Unfortunately for those candidates they may end up killing everyone off leaving only Romney.

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