Monday, January 23, 2012

The Myth that Party Workers Actually Choose Judicial Candidates at Marion County Slating Conventions

One of the myths is that the slate of Marion County judicial candidates is decided by party workers at slating conventions.   Party leaders will insist that democracy is involved as these conventions are attended by working party precinct committeepersons elected at primaries.

What is not well-known is how party leaders manuever to eliminate, pre-slating convention, any choice these party workers may have.  First, you have a slating fee of $25,000 which knocks out a lot of lawyers who would be terrific judges.  (As noted previously, the slating fee is actually a violation  of the Code of Judicial Conduct.)  Second, you have the fact that the vast majority of people at the convention will be appointees of the county chairman.  Many of these people are appointed solely for the purpose of attending slating conventions and casting a vote the way the leadership in the party wants.  These people are the so-called "mummy dummies" as they're supposed to keep quiet and vote "the right way."  Sure elected PCs have a vote at the slating convention, but their votes are nullifed by the leadership appointments. that are there to outvote the elected PCs if need be.

The effect of the chairmen appointments means leadership can, before the slating convention begins, control the outcome.   Judicial candidates know this and as they learn they are not supported by leadership, they drop out before slating.  That's happened with respect to the Republicans.  Several judicial candidates who have put extensive time in seeking organization support have now dropped out because leadership told them they would not win slating.  Only 11 candidates now remain for 10 spots on the Republican slate.

Should we really have party leaders picking our judges?
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Hoosiers for Indiana said...


I'm a "D" and not a "R", thus, I'm only familiar with the Democratic Party. What I see as the main reason for so many appointed positions is the lack of people not running for the precinct positions.

Ronald Rodgers