Monday, January 30, 2012

Judge Carol Orbison Files to Run Against Marion County GOP Judicial Slate

As reported here, Marion County Judge Carol Orbison was targeted for defeat by GOP county leadership because she would not pledge to drop out if she was not endorsed at Saturday's slating convention.   Orbison lost at Saturday's convention, with four new candidates - Amy Jones, Clayton Graham, Jim Joven and Helen Marchal - slated to fill three vacancies and Orbison's spot.

Orbison today filed to run as a candidate against the slate according to the Secretary of State's Office.

Marion County Republican Party slating has had its credibility strained to the breaking point by the practice of party leaders using a large pool of appointed convention goers solely to vote the way leadership wants in slating contests.  That large pool of appointees can easily outvote the elected precinct committeepersons who do yeoman's work for the party.  As a result, candidates know the process is rigged from the beginning, and usually drop out if they don't receive the support of leadership.  That is reflected in the fact that candidates in sixteen of seventeen races decided at Saturday's GOP slating had no competition.

It's time for the State Republican organization to take a look at Marion County GOP slating and how party leaders use of the process has undermined the grass roots strength of the county organization.  The Marion County GOP grass roots will never be rebuilt as long as party leaders prefer using the party to consolidate their own power rather than give that power to party workers.


Cato said...

Has anyone ever looked at bringing RICO charges against the Marion County GOP?

William J. Spellman III said...
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