Monday, January 23, 2012

Gallup Tracking Poll Shows Gingrich Within One Point of Romney Nationally

Mitt Romney
An updated tracking poll released by Gallup today shows Mitt Romney's national lead cut to one point.  A week ago, the Gallup tracking poll showed Romney with a 23 point lead on Newt Gingrich.   Romney's numbers appear to be in free fall.  Expect Romney to go bitterly negative against Gingrich as he tries to salvage his campaign.

Gingrich has skillfully figured out how to play the economic populist, outsider card. While Gingrich as a 20 year plus politician and lobbyist is hardly the ideal messenger for the tea partyesque cause of populism, he is far better suited than the uber-wealthy Romney.  The former Masssachusetts governor has yet to figure out that having a parade of insider, establishment figures announce their endorsement of him is not helpful when it comes to attracting voters looking for an outsider to take on the problems in Washington.

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