Monday, November 14, 2011

Wabash v. DePauw Monon Bell Debate: Civil Discourse Now Tackles Issue Of Single Gender Higher Education

Watch Mark Small , graduate of DePauw University debate Carlos May, graduate of Wabash College, over the value of single gender higher education.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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varangianguard said...

My perception is colored by having attended a co-ed university, but I do have some comments concerning this highly entertaining episode. What were those, btw, Churchills?

First, Mark I am still having trouble at your website. While I can now see all the current portions of each debate, more often than not the feed stops during the segment, then when it catches up, it starts all over again. Maybe it's the server you use. I don't have this problem here at Ogden on Politics.

Second, concerning Wabash and its long-term academic continuity. I would think that a tradition-bound curriculum tied to a single-gender bias might prove somewhat hidebound and behind-the-times in this day and age. One learns the same stuff that one's grandfather did? Srsly? I could have gone on about that for a few minutes, I'm thinking.

Third, I am having difficulty coming to grips with Mr. Mays' contention that only with same-gendered students can one freely discuss whatever issues are on the classroom table, as it were. For my part, I would like to think that one is automatically either ignoring and/or dismissing the potential viewpoints of the other gender. Now perhaps, that is the intent of Wabash's continuity of tradition, as it has been ignoring the value of women (outside of companionship and no doubt other more tratitional roles) since its inception. Not surprising, a graduate of that kind of environment would have a blind spot when it comes to seeing that something important is missing there. Frankly, I think that the Wabash attitude about women at college boiled down to "they're around to be pursued as potential mates, not to be taken seriously as academics (the boys are better at math crack sealed that one). I was also amazed that Mr. Mays purported to have had serious intellectual discussions with non-Wabash women outside of the classroom. Uh-huh. Was it History, or perhaps Philosophy? Maybe Math? Unbelievable.

A great episode. I'm almost sorry I wasn't there to personally witness it. Especially since there was beer.