Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Redistricting: Where the Interests of Republicans and Black Democrats Come Together

Marion County GOP hatchet man and Hamilton County resident David Brooks is promoting the proposed new Indianapolis council district map, he was paid a quarter million dollars to draw, as being more friendly to minorities, i.e. that it is a map that creates more districts in which minorities have a majority of the population.  In political science, these districts are called majority-minority districts.

David Brooks
Brooks' strategy highlighted in the map, which is certainly not new, is for Republicans to divide the interests of African-Americans Democrats and white Democrats.  Because African-Americans vote for Democrats in such high percentages (approximately 90% in many elections), the creation of more African-American districts results in a higher concentration of Democrats in those districts.  The more Democrats that Republican map-makers can concentrate in those majority-minority districts, the fewer Democrats there are to distribute to other districts.  Thus, the more majority-minority districts a redistricting proposal has, the better Republicans do in the remaining districts.  While these minority-friendly maps end up producing more African-American Democratic elected officials, the legislative bodies end up being run by a Republican majority.

People should not believe for a second from David Brooks' rhetoric that he is actually interested in helping out African-Americans in Marion County politics.  I will never forget a discussion I, then a ward chairman, had with Brooks, then Pike Township GOP chairman, about my belief that the Republican Party needed to do more to reach out to the large number of middle class African-Americans who were coming to dominate the township's politics.  He told me the GOP should just write off black voters and not waste time pursuing them.  Apparently Brooks believes that is true...unless they can strategically be used in a redistricting gerrymander.


Nicolas Martin said...

The same thing has happened on a national level. Securely Black congressional districts have been created, serving the interest of the Black political elite and Republicans who are delighted to banish Black Democratic voters from their constituencies. It amounts to electoral apartheid.

Indiana Enzacta Team said...
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