Monday, November 7, 2011

Libertarian Ed Coleman Strikes Back at Republican Attack

Councilor Ed Coleman
The Marion County Republicans have sent out a negative mailing in District 24 accusing the Libertarian At-Large Councilor Ed Coleman of taking a trip to party partying it up in Vegas.  Actually Coleman was attending a national Libertarian convention there.  Here is his response: 
"Jack Sandlin and the Marion County Republican Party are trying to deceive the voters of Perry Township in their latest attack against City-County Councilor Ed Coleman.
Freedom Fest is a large gathering of enthusiastic libertarian individuals every year in Nevada. The campaign invested a small amount for Ed to make the trip, because we saw an opportunity to fundraiser and receive attention on a national level.

The investment paid off and eventually helped Ed raise over $60,000 for his campaign, allowing us to spread Ed’s message of Lower Taxes, Balanced Budgets, and Public Safety.
Later this year, Ed was diagnosed with Diabetes. This, along with Ed's passionate and rigorous goal of knocking on as many voters doors as possible, has helped Ed lose almost 50 pounds, causing Ed's suits to not fit.

Recognizing this need, a few generous supporters offered to donate to the campaign for Ed to purchase new attire in order to look presentable, electable, and serious about being an advocate for Perry Township.

Sandlin has fabricated a story to deceive Perry Township voters. His attack is desperate as he tries to trick voters just 4 days before Election Day."
Reason TV also interviewed Ed Coleman recently.  Here is the YouTube segment on that interview:


Marycatherine Barton said...

I am not at all surprised that he lost his district election for Councilor. Goodby, Ed.

Nicolas Martin said...

And good riddance to another faux libertarian. Clear the LP brush and real libertarians might emerge.