Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Indianapolis Election Results

Today's results are in for 590 of the 593 precincts.  The three precincts out does not look like they will change any of the results.

Indianapolis Mayor Ballard won re-election over Democrat Melina Kennedy 51-47.  In yesterday's updated predictions, I picked Ballard would win 51-47.

I said the Democrats would sweep the at-large council seats.  That indeed has happened.

Councilor-Elect Frank Mascari
I predicted the council would have an 18-11 Democratic majority.  Instead, it appears the Council will have a 16-13 majority.  It will be interesting to find out which Democratic councilor will take over the Council Presidency as Ryan Vaughn goes to the back bench.

I did not pick correctly WHICH council district would switch hands.  While on paper, I thought Frank Mascari had an excellent chance to knock off Republican Susie Day in her Beech Grove district, I decided to not pick Mascari because his last report showed him raising only $700 all year long, which was his own contribution.  Neither party seemed particularly interested in contesting the district.  So I picked the incumbent Day to win re-election.

I thought the Democrats would beat McQuillen and McHenry in their Democratic leaning districts.  The Republicans won both seats.  I think the Democrats missed a golden opportunity to take out McQuillen and McHenry by attacking their highly unpopular votes like the $33.5 million Pacer gift and the 50 year ACS parking meter contract.

Councilor Christine Scales, the only Republican councilor to show independence on the council, apparently has won re-election by 39 votes.

Republican Jeff Miller knocked off Councilor Dane Mahern in his increasingly Republican leaning district.


Nicolas Martin said...

Let us finally lay to rest the notion that the Libertarian Party is anything but a noisome pest. In the best possible circumstances for his candidacy its incumbent councillor was slaughtered.

There may someday be a party of libertarian principle, but there is not now, so supporters of freedom should focus of the cause and not be marginalized with the vapid and hapless political joke that is the LP.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I don't fault the Libertarians for not being a party of principle. The LP is not perfect but no party is.

The problem is that the public is locked into the two party system and they are showing no signs of budging.

Nicolas Martin said...

If a Libertarian Party is not to be a party of libertarian principle, then what purpose has it?

Of course you and I differ on the basics. My goal is liberty with individual autonomy, and yours is political rule with circumscribed liberties. Your obsession is democracy and mine is freedom.

"Give me liberty or give me death" is incomprehensible to people for whom liberty is a privilege, not a right.

guy77money said...

I was glad to see Christine and Zach win, I know these two who will be two independent voices on the council. Mascari could also be a wild card.

Now the big question is can Ballard learn how to play nice with the Democrats?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Guy, good question. Ballard has been oblivous to the need to build coalitions in his first term. Now he has no choice.

Or does he? A Mayor can do a lot of things via the executive branch without ever going to the council.

Ben said...

I think that its cool that Bill Levin got over 10,000 votes.

M Theory said...

I am so relieved that Christine won. I hope that the man who ran that filthy campaign against her goes away for good.

Had Ed Coleman listened to me a long time ago, I believe he could have won instead of wasting $50k of the LP's money.

One of Ed Coleman's mistakes was getting cocky and deciding he didn't have to keep a promise to communicate to us about important matters before the council...like the water deal.

Had he kept his promise and blogged for the past 2.5 years, he would have an impressive body of work which showed a genuine commitment demonstrated by his action. Who knows how many more connections he would have made in those years because of his writing.

Who knows how much extra help would have been there for him during this campaign cycle had he kept his promise to us. At the very least, he would have had my dedicated help. I've been known to go the extra mile.

Nicholas is right. What purpose is the Libertarian party if they are not principled? Their candidates should be held firmly to their stated principles. And at the very least, they should be held accountable to keep their promises to the constituency.

M Theory said...

That said, I voted for all four at-large libertarian candidates for council.

M Theory said...

SOmeone commented on Abdul's blog that Christine lost.

Blog Admin said...

They're wrong, Melyssa. All precincts in, she won by 39 votes.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I don't agree about Ed. Like it or not, people aren't willing to stray from the two party system. An independent minded R or D would be very popular (assuming that candidate could get nominated), but once you put a 3rd party lable on the candidate it is like climbing Everest with two broken legs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul I'm waiting for you at IB, come over and pucker up. We are waiting for you to admit pubicly that you were wrong.

Frank Mascari said...

I spent $3150.00 to get elected, Susie & her party spent upwards of $40K we are hearing.

I am glad to be part of the team.

Frankie Mascari

Marycatherine Barton said...

Since UniGov was foisted on Indianapolis, the only time that a Democrat was elected mayor, was when he ran against a woman. Never has a woman been elected mayor of Indpls, and for the foreseeable future, I do not expect either the Democrats or Republicans to again run a female for mayor of Indpls, or, for that matter, for governor of In. Just calling it like I see it.

artfuggins said...

One Mahern down and one to go!!!