Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Governor Candidate Mike Pence Releases Video Encouraging Support For Republican Leadership In Municipal Elections


Nicolas Martin said...

Pence doesn't get nitpicky about corruption and ineptitude. Party over principle: not that I assume Pence has any principles.

My operating assumption is this. If a "conservative" politician -- Pence, for instance -- woke up to find himself in Barbara Boxer's district, he would become a born-again liberal. If Barbara Boxer awakened in Ron Paul's district, she would immediately discover the virtues of free markets and limited government.

With few exceptions politicians are morally vacant vessels into onto whom sentimental people protect their own fantasies.

Paul K. Ogden said...

While it is true that Pence is not going into individual municipal races and making a determination of whether certain individuals have lived up to fiscally conservative principles. If he did, he might not be standing with big spending, big taxing, corporate welfare-loving Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. But I don't think that's a realistic expectation for a state-wide candidate who is trying to rally the troops for an election.

As far as Pence personally, I think it would be hard to fault him for holding true to conservative principles in his own political career. He's not exactly a Romney flip-flopper. He's been remarkably consistent in his views. You might not like those views, but I don't think you can really say he doesn't have well-thought out principles that he sticks up for.

Nicolas Martin said...

Has it hurt Pence in his district for "holding true to conservative principles"? It would hurt him if he didn't. This proves nothing about what he does or doesn't believe, but about what gets him reelected. It isn't as though Pence has taken views drastically contrary to those of his constituents, like Ron Paul has.

Cato said...

"Politicians are morally vacant vessels into onto whom sentimental people protect their own fantasies."

Submit this to Bartlett's.

I will rob you blindly of this quote.