Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Republican Polls Reflect Division Over Possible Nominee

Some interesting poll results (top 3 candidates listed):

Nationwide (CNN)
Romney 26
Cain 25
Perry 13

Iowa (Insider Advantage)
Cain 26
Romney 18
Gingrich 12

New Hampshire (Insider Advantage)
Romney 39
Cain 24
Paul 11

South Carolina (Insider Advantage)
Cain 32
Romney 12
Paul 11

Florida (Insider Advantage)
Romney 33
Cain 30
Gingrich 12

Virginia (CNU Times Dispatch)
Romney 44
Cain 12
Perry 10

Louisiana (Clarus Research)
Perry 23
Cain 21
Romney 17

1 comment:

Blog Admin said...

What's really interesting is that, as Cain has risen, so has Gingrich.

And Gingrich's campaign has COMPLETELY imploded. He has almost no staff to speak of, no ground game. He's basically running so that he can continue to tease his PAC donors as if someday he'll make a serious run for office. He's basically doing a book tour.

So if this is what Gingrich can do, in Iowa, without taking it seriously, think of what he can do if he puts some effort into it.