Thursday, October 27, 2011

IBJ Buries Litebox Story Raising Questions About Company, its CEO and Job Promises to City w/Correction

Yesterday Cory Schouten's story raising questions about Litebox was at the top of the Indianapolis Business Journal's website, the lead story. 

Usually lead stories drop down the page as time passes and eventually get buried on the website, only to be found under the link "More News."  Schouten's article went straight from being the lead story to being buried in "More News."

I'm hearing from more and more news outlets are under tremendous pressure to bury negative stories as the election nears.   Thankfully we bloggers are immune from such arm twisting.

NOTE:  Cory Schouten was kind enough to let me know I made a mistake on this story.  The other stories were posted after the Litebox story and thus bumped it all the way down.  I never figured that IBJ would have posted that many stories after the Litebox led off yesterday's website, but apparently that's what happened.   My apologies.


Downtown Indy said...

It would not surprise me if the guy was merely doing this as a way to scam some SB tickets and access to a suite.

The whole deal and everything around it is so full of holes it surely can't be real.

Cato said...

The Star regularly buries stories as soon as a commenter makes a particularly stinging remark.

The media in Indy isn't a third party, bringing the news of the establishment to the people. The media is part of the establishment, tasked with getting the people in line.

In Indy, the media has to be viewed with the same skepticism given a politician or corporate leader.