Saturday, October 29, 2011

Civil Discourse Now: Indianapolis Election Predictions for 2011

My election predictions for City-County Council and Indianapolis Mayor from the October 29, 2011, "Civil Discourse Now" show.

Predictions for Council Districts 1-13

Predictions for  Council Districts 14-25, Four At-Large Districts and Mayor's Race.


Bob Cardwell said...

Just a technical comment.

I think it would be been better if you framed your picture tighter.

The sound is surprising good.

In segments like this with lists. It might be better to use a white board [low tech] and write the names or items has you name them.

You guys are going in the right direction. Substance is king now on the Internet and you guys have plenty of that.

Do you have volunteers to help?

Blog Admin said...

The sound has certainly improved since your initial segments. It was very good in these.

I don't know how good you guys are with video editing,but being able to splice in an image of the council district when you dod something like that, or have a whiteboard with a blown up image so you can point to the district would've been nice.

It's easy to say these things, of course, from the peanut gallery.

Bob Cardwell said...

Good suggestions.

Great effort. I agree about the zone maps.

Paul has one of the best political sites in the media. I applaud your effort and time....and I am your audience from the peanut gallery too.