Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Public Safety Director Frank Straub Promises Shakeup in IMPD After Election; Mayor Not Aware of Straub's Plans for Change

Public Safety Director
Frank Straub
Fox 59 reports:
Sources tell Fox59 News that during a promotions ceremony last Friday, Public Safety Director Frank Straub told IMPD commanders, including Chief Paul Ciesielski, that after the November Mayoral election there'll be changes among the top brass to include more women and minorities.
Apparently though Straub didn't bother to tell Mayor Greg Ballard and Ballard, who apparently learns about Straub's personnel moves from the media, didn't seem interested in inquiring.  The story continues.

Fox59 News advised Mayor Greg Ballard of Straub's plans last Saturday, and four days later, the mayor said he still hasn't bothered to ask Straub what changes he's making on the mayor's behalf.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard
"I'm generally happy with the IMPD command staff," said Ballard. "We don't talk about those things to be honest with you."

Ballard said he would ask Straub about promises of command level changes the next time the two meet in the next week or two. When asked if the police commanders would consider Chief Ciesielski a lame duck, Ballard said "they're police. They'll do what their told."
I have to wonder if Mayor Ballard is actually Mr. Straub's boss.  After all, it appears that Mayor Ballard answers to Straub instead of the other way around.  If you want to know why Mayor Ballard lost the FOP's endorsement, this story illustrates why.


guy77money said...

Frank better be looking at packing up his bags when Kennedy wins the election.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Guy, I was thinking the same thing. Straub is being a bit presumptuous assuming Ballard is going to win, especially in a county that's fairly solidly Democratic.

Blog Admin said...

Election happens in November. Maybe Straub will use the time between November and January to make a last few changes.

CircleCityScribe said...

When Frank Straub was deputy commissioner of NYPD, there was another lefty deputy commissioner...Garry McCarthy, who was appointed as Chicago Police Superintendent by O'Bama's man, Rahm Emmanuel. Both have the same...well, "unique," goatees....

Perhaps Straub will be more at home in a liberal community like Chicago???

The bottom line is that Frank Straub is a deviation from Central Indiana community values and standards. He wants Indianapolis to become West New York....that is his goal.

Ballard is weak. Allowing this liberal to continue to act in an unrestrained and liberal counter-culture.

Oh, I saw a (former) Republican in Melina Kennedy's TV spot, playing the role of a law enforcement officer. I believe most Republicans are thinking that Ballard must go....

Southsider said...

If this is all true and Ballard wants to win in Nov, he should fire Straub now. 4 years ago it was the Police Dept should be under the Mayor's control not the Sheriff's Dept. Well you can see what has happened.
OR maybe Straub thinks Ballard is out and has knowledge of who Kennedy wants to have in place for her Police Dept. Hmmmm?

Cato said...

Just remember: "they're cops. They'll do what they're told."

Always a good rule for a cop to live by, especially when they encounter a citizen.

Do what you're told, cops.

Cato said...

When the FOP endorsed Melina, it was solely because she promised to remove accountability from the department and to hire 100 new cops.

To his credit, Ballard knows that hiring new cops is an outright waste of money, and he knows that the cops are so dirty that they need to be watched by someone like Straub, every minute of the day.

These cops are a government unto themselves, and they want only to increase their power and remove all citizen oversight. An endorsement from the FOP is best seen as an endorsement for the other guy.

Jedna Vira said...

Cato, you are borderline insane.

Indy4u2c, you have good information that certainly hints Straub is leaving Indpls after the election regardless of the outcome. I would agree, however, after the recent statements by Straub and Ballard; Ballard is DONE! It's almost as if Straub is helping to tank the re-election efforts of Ballard. Obviously Ballard doesn't see anything worth criticizing Straub for. Wonder how he'll feel after he loses his re-election due to Straub's arrogance.

Paul K. Ogden said...


Ballard last election promised 100 new cops.

The FOP voted against Ballard and for Kennedy not because Kennedy wanted no accountability, but because Ballard continues to support liberal Straub which everyone in law enforcement hates. The man is a disaster.

You can have accountability without the Public Safety Director being a power hungry kook.

Cato said...

If law enforcement hates Straub, he's probably doing something right.

The cops need to know they are eternally subordinate. If Straub smacks the cops in the head with this reminder, good for him.

If Melina is going to be a big-union, big-government enabler of these tax-feeders, then bad on her.

The FOP is a government-employees' union. The GOP frequently pronounces its enmity for government-employees and government-employees' unions.

Why does the GOP exalt these union members and not the AFSCME union members?