Friday, September 9, 2011

Indianapolis Chamber Endorses Council Candidates

If anyone can make sense out of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce's bizarre smorgasbord of endorsements, feel free to comment.:

 District 2: Democratic Incumbent Angela Mansfield

 District 3: Republican Incumbent Ryan Vaughn

 District 4: Democratic Challenger Kostas Poulakidas

 District 5: Republican Incumbent Virginia Cain

 District 6: Republican Incumbent Janice McHenry

 District 9: Democrat Joe Simpson

 District 10: Democratic Incumbent William Oliver

 District 11: Democrat Steve Talley

 District 12: Republican Incumbent Mike McQuillen

 District 13: Republican Incumbent Robert Lutz

 District 14: Republican Incumbent Marilyn Pfisterer

 District 15: Democrat Vop Osili

 District 17: Democratic Incumbent Mary Moriarty-Adams
 District 18: Democratic Incumbent Vernon Brown

 District 19: Republican Challenger Jeff Miller

 District 20: Republican Incumbent Susie Day

 District 21: Republican Incumbent Benjamin Hunter

 District 23: Republican Incumbent Jeff Cardwell

 District 24: Republican Incumbent Jack Sandlin

 District 25: Republican Incumbent Aaron Freeman
That is 12 Republicans and 8 Democrats.  Looking at the field, it looks like the Chamber was trying to pick the winners to endorse rather than pick people who were philosophically aligned with business interests, i.e. usually Republican.  For example, the Chamber endorsed William Oliver who regularly votes against positions supported by the Chamber.
Two challengers were endorsed, Republican Jeff Miller and Democrat Kostas Poulakidas, both who are running in districts that now have baselines that support their party. One wonders the connections that Poulakidas' connections to Develop Indy might have played in securing his endorsement over pro-business Republican Christine Scales.  Madeline Poulakidas, Kostas' wife, is business developer at Develop Indy, which is supposed to be merging with the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce.
I didn't see that they endorsed in the at-large races or for Mayor.


guy77money said...

No endorsements for the at large canidates?

Nicolas Martin said...

This is enough reason to vote against the supported candidates. "Business interests" are not synonymous with, and are often antagonistic to, taxpayer and consumer interests. In the Chamber's case they are the interests of certain existing interests, and not those of all businesses or new entrepreneurs. Of course it then makes sense that the Chamber would endorse power over any supposed principles.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Did anyone check the business relationships the candidates have with the companies who get a vote in the Chamber's selection?

Paul K. Ogden said...

While I acree with you, Nic, there still is no consistency in their endorsements.

HEI, I don't know how you'd even go about checking that out.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Guy, I didn't see any.