Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guilt by Association Approach to Politics

Abdul Hakim-Shabazz
Over on his blog, Abdul Hakim-Shabazz engages in rumor-mongering this morning:
You might recall a couple months ago I asked Stephen Clay, the head of the Baptist Ministers Alliance of Indianapolis if he had ever been the subject of an investigation by the Department of Child Services for inappropriate contact with a male minor.

At the time Clay refused to answer my question and give me a straight “yes” or “no” reply. Instead he told me “my non-response is my response.” Well, it turns out Clay was the subject of an investigation a few years ago and apparently someone believed there was enough merit to the claim to forward it to the proper authorities. However, it’s unclear whatever became of the investigation. I do know my inquiry into whether there was an investigation has unnerved Clay.
Anyone can be "investigated" for anything.  The fact someone brought an allegation to "proper authorities" means nothing.  Are we going to assume people are guilty now because they are accused of something?

Abdul continues on, this time trying to link Democratic candidate Melina Kennedy to Clay:
What makes this interesting is that Clay considers himself a political ally of Democratic Mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy. He even reportedly did the private invocation the day she announced she was running for Mayor. When I approached Kennedy campaign manager Nick Buis about this story he replied to me via text “so does this mean Goldsmith is fair game?”
I know that Abdul pretty much speaks for the Ballard administration.  Is that the approach Ballard wants to take to winning (or losing) this election - smearing Kennedy allies with unproven allegations, then suggesting that their association means she approves the unproven conduct of the ally?

Buis is right.  Goldsmith is an ally of Ballard and has been deeply involved with this administration's policies.  Should we condemn Ballard because of the allegations made about Goldsmith being involved in domestic violence?  Of course not.

We should demand that our politics and the people who practice those politics be above the "When did your political ally stop beating his wife" type approach to electoral politics.


Pete Boggs said...

The Goldsmith retort is just tit for tat. The problem is it's a jab traded over abuse.

guy77money said...

Should we also judge Ballard by his association with Plowman. Do all Republicans hang out in strip joints?

I wonder how many prominent Republicans partied with Durham on his yacht. So do we associate all of them as con men who believe they are entitled to all they can squeeze out of the system for their friends and their own benefit.

The sad part is that for a large part most of them are con men looking for government hand outs.