Friday, September 2, 2011

FOP Endorses 26 Indianapolis Council Candidates, Including 19 Republicans

Here is the list of endorsements from the FOP's website (scroll down page to the bottom):

Democrat Melina Kennedy.

Democrat Challenger John Barth
Republican Incumbent Angel Rivera
Democrat Challenger Leroy Robinson
Republican Michael Kalscheur
Republican Inicumbent Barbara Malone

NOTE:  This is not incorrect. Five at-large candidates were endorsed though only four can be elected.

The following candidates were endorsed in the district races.

DISTRICT 1:   No Recommendation
DISTRICT 2:   Republican Challenger Anthony Simons
DISTRICT 3:   Republican Incumbent Ryan Vaughn
DISTRICT 4:   Republican Christine Scales
DISTRICT 5:   Republican Incumbent Virginia Cain
DISTRICT 6:   Republican Incumbent Janice Shattuck-McHenry
DISTRICT 7:   Libertarian Matthew Stone
DISTRICT 8:   Republican Challenger Stu Rhodes
DISTRICT 9:   Republican Challenger Sally Spiers
DISTRICT 10:  Republican Challenger Barbara Holland
DISTRICT 11:  Republican Challenger Mike Healy
DISTRICT 12:  Republican Incumbent Mike McQuillen
DISTRICT 13:  Republican Incumbent Robert Lutz
DISTRICT 14:  No Recommendation
DISTRICT 15:  Democrat Vop Osili
DISTRICT 16:  No Recommendation
DISTRICT 17:  Republican Challenger Gary Whitmore
DISTRICT 18:   Republican Challenger Michael Heady
DISTRICT 19:  Republican Challenger Jeff Miller
DISTRICT 20:  Republican Incumbent Susie Day
DISTRICT 21:  Democratic Challenger Todd Woodmansee
DISTRICT 22:  No Recommendation
DISTRICT 23:  Democratic Challenger Scott Coxey
DISTRICT 24:  Republican Incumbent Jack Sandlin
DISTRICT 25:  Democratic Challenger Mario Garza

Of the 26 endorsed candidates, 19 (or 73%) are Republican.  That makes the lopsided endorsement of Democratic mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy even more significant.  As evidenced by this endorsement list, the FOP is a Republican-leaning organization and has a long history of endorsing Republicans for Mayor and other offices.  The vote for Kennedy was a clear repudiation of Mayor Greg Ballard and Public Safety Director Frank Straub.

The Republican incumbent councilors who did not get endorsed was the most surprising.  Ben Hunter had been a police officer with IMPD up until 2008 and is now director of public safety for Butler University.  Hunter has been very involved in law enforcement issues, but is also very supportive of Straub. That police officers not only refused to endorse one of their own, but endorsed Hunter's opponent.  That shows how deep the Straub inflicted wounds are. 

Likewise Republican southside Councilors Aaron Freeman and Jeff Cardwell had their Democratic opponents endorsed.   Meanwhile the FOP chose not to endorse Republican Incumbent Marilyn Pfisterer in District 14, instead opting for :no recommendation."  Undoubtedly Freeman, Cardwell, and Pfisterer's open support of Straub cost them an endorsement.

I was a bit surprised that the FOP didn't choose to remain neutral in District 24. Libertarian Ed Coleman is a strong supporter of law enforcement and a vocal critic of Straub.  He apparently couldn't overcome the fact his Republican opponent, Jack Sandlin, is a former Indianapolis Police Department officer.


Bill said...

The biggest shocker is that Bill Levin did not get the NOD from the FOP.

Maybe it had something to do with the plant he had on his table last night at the Hob Nob

curious said...

what happened to the blog, Welcome to My Tea Party?

Blog Admin said...

curious, last I checked, the primary author of the blog is taking a bit of a break. She still posts guest columns on occasion.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I knew she was taking a break. I'm disappointed to see though that the blog has been deleted. There were tons of research in that blog that I hope hasn't been lost.

M Theory said...

Bill....I hope you will come to the fundraiser party for Bill Levin on Sept 24th. Everyone is invited.

Here's a link:

Marycatherine Barton said...

Who cares who FOP endorses!

Paul K. Ogden said...

MCB, police office have a lot of clout in local politics. The FOP represents that. That's why it is important.