Thursday, September 15, 2011

Conviction of Ex-Councilor Lincoln Plowman Highlights Corruption in Indianapolis Politics

Former Indianapolis Councilor
Lincoln Plowman
The Indianapolis Star reports that former Indianapolis City-County Councilor Lincoln Plowman was today found guilty of bribery and extortion.

Celebrating the outcome of this case would be both inappropriate and misguided.  Plowman was not some lone wolf peddling influence in an otherwise legal and ethical political system here in Indianapolis.  Rather Plowman is the product of a horribly corrupt system where influence peddling and conflicts of interest are the norm. 

Plowman testified he did nothing wrong.  Why shouldn't he feel that way?  After all, his actions were no worse than other players in Indianapolis politics who for years have ignored laws and ethical guidelines to peddle influence and cut insider deals enriching themselves and their friends. For decades those political players have operated without fear of prosecution or even media scrutiny of their corrupt activities.

I have no doubt that Plowman was pursued with the expectation that he would cooperate in targeting the bigger fish in Indy's sea of political corruption.  Plowman didn't cooperate though and paid a price today with a conviction that could earn him 30 years in federal prison.


M Theory said...

So you think they are throwing the public some minor player to satisfy our demands to see public corruption rooted out and punished?

I'm sure that the women on the jury did not appreciate his misogynist remarks about how he really views women.

I feel sorry for his wife, who must be absolutely humiliated due to nothing she did except agree to marry him.

A lot of men talk trash about women like Plowman does when they think no one is listening.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I don't think so at all. The standard operating procedure is to go after the small fish first hoping they turn on the big fish. The small fish didn't turn though. Nothing you can do about that. I think the feds are serious about going after public corruption. Now whether new U.S. Attorney Joe Hogsett cooperates might be a different story.

Cato said...

He can still cooperate and walk. The conviction lets him know that he has no influence that can save him. If he flips on some big people, his sentence can go to zero.

I know said...

The FBI should be congratulated! They used $5,000.00 to complete this sad story.

Some of us can give them millions of dollars of corruption and they would only need to interview a few former State Representatives. If the public records were turned over to them before the interviews the perjury alone would open pandoras box even further.

The iron is hot! Will they strike?

If I were some state officials who handed out contracts written by the contractor, issued for decades and looked the other way while people paid to play I would be sweating right now.

Let's hope the FBI agents want some more. It is there for the taking!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Cato, I was thinking the same thing. I don't know how it works, but I think he could cooperate and rat out some of the bigger fish.

Blog Admin said...

Wonder how long until the MCDP or Kennedy camp put out an ad mentioning this?

I know said...

With home detention he will most likely get some visits from his "corrupt" friends with their polite suggestion that he keep his mouth shut and do his time!

He knows what the others have been doing. The comps for political officials as he bragged about and being the head of vice he knows it all. Read Cady's book, Deadline Indianapolis. He lays out the corruption of the vice squad clear back under the regime decades ago. It has not changed and only is deeper then ever.

Mr. Plowman would be smart to go to Greensburg and get his journal and turn it over.

anon said...

"I know", you are very much correct. I left the city of greensburg 30 years ago due to corruption there. my entire family repeatedly became targets of the city of greensburg.
but to the subject at hand:
I was nearly robbed of everything I owned by conspiracies between, MDC,IMPD, DMD, Code Compliance, MCHD, and not least West Indianapolis Development Corp. (funded by Eli Lilly).
If anyone wants to see raw corruption look at this video:
Go to Board of Zoning Appeals Division III- Then find August 25 2009- listen to petitioner 2009-AP3-004.
All of the above listed government offices worked together to try and rob me of my property. This is just their most recent attempt. The Indianapolis Star will not report this corruption, and none of the local TV quote "News" will report it either.
Lucky for me that i did not lose my property like the many thousands of homeowners and business owners who lose to this nazi style corruption.