Thursday, September 15, 2011

Civil Discourse Now Discusses Tea Party and Whether Terrorists Won Post 9/11

This is a new internet television talk show about the issues co-hosted by Mark Small and myself.   We plan to discuss national, state and local issues.  We're still working out same kinks.  We tape it on Saturday and hope to have it up on Sunday afternoons.  I'll try to have it on here when it becomes available.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Part 4


Blog Admin said...

I haven't watched this video yet, but the video with Jeff Cox, the echo from the room was absolutely ridiculous and made it hard to watch the whole thing.

M Theory said...

Mark Small is the most intellectually honest (and tolerant) liberal I've ever met.

I'm glad you two are working together again.

The internet is the new media. Alex Jones did a show yesterday that everyone should hear. His internet ratings are higher than most network news broadcasts.

I work with a bunch of people in their 20's and early 30's. They don't watch TV, they use the internet and now they are buying the first internet TV's. They don't trust mainstream media hacks like Jim Shella and they are looking for the exact type of discourse they can get from this kind of format.

Kudos to Mark for pushing this so hard and getting it off the ground and remaining dedicated to its growth.

Pete Boggs said...

Keep tuning, this is an interesting idea & probably where things are going.

Cato said...

Sorry, Paul, but this is a silly question. The government wanted to impose regime change. It needed an enabling act. It created 9/11 and got its legislation passed and changed the country.

It's silly to think that the "terrorists" existed outside the system.

Of course the "terrorists" won, because the "terrorists" run the game.

marksmall2001 said...

Indy Student,
Thanks for the comment. We are working on the technical aspects of the show, one of which is to obtain lapel mikes to cut down the echo. We hope to have those & the mixing board they apparently require in the next week. Sorry that it echoes, but we learn as we go.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Definiitely learn as we go. We appreciate feedback. Excellent point IS about the echo.

We need to do a lot of polishing, but I think this is definitely where the future is in terms of delivering content.

M Theory said...

Paul, you are right that this is the future.

Have any of you ever seen Alex Jones' first vhs tapes? The quality was horrible. He started out with used equipment broadcasting on cable access, while constantly honing his craft.

As his audience and influence grew, he said he was approached several times to join the mainstream media hacks.

They warned him that his "crusade" would take him no where and that he could choose to become rich instead and join them.

Alex stuck by his principles and today his broadcasts are as polished as anything in the mainstream.

And his crusade they said would fail? Well, he's now crushing mainstream media and reaching audiences across the divide of the fake left vs. right political paradigm.

The annual subscription to get non-commerical high quality daily broadcasts is only $55 a year.

He needs more subscriptions to fund his next phase...24/7 news media.

I have no doubt he'll get there. He IS the general of the non-violent Infowars revolution that is taking down the corrupt political establishment by reporting the truth.