Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Man Robbed A Couple Blocks from the Governor's Mansion this Morning

The Indianapolis Star reports:
A 34-year-old commuter was robbed by a man with a handgun and woman with a stun gun while trying to catch a bus this morning on the Northside.

The victim told police he was walking east on 46th Street toward a bus stop on Pennsylvania at 5:20 p.m. (this should be "a.m.") when he was approached by a clean-cut man who asked him the time, according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report.

The victim said when he looked down at the clock on his cell phone, the inquisitor put a black 9 mm Glock handgun into his stomach and demanded money.

The victim said a woman in a hat and a rainbow pattern scarf then put a stun gun to his neck and the pair stole $3 from his pocket, his cell phone, wallet and camera.
This robbery took place only a couple blocks from the Governor's Mansion located at 4750 North Meridian.  If someone gets robbed in that neighborhood, one of the best in the City, people have to wonder if they're safe anywhere.

No matter how hard Mayor Ballard tries and what statistics he uses, episodes like this ensure that crime will be a losing issue for him come this Fall.


DORN said...

generally robbers work where the money is...

Jedna Vira said...

Bad guys have cars too and will travel. There is no place completely safe and secure, except my house. Bad guys would not be able to enter my house and leave alive. I see this story as yet another example of why guns in the hands of the good guys is so very important.

Blog Admin said...

I think there's some truth to DORN's statement.

I had a religious studies teacher who often traveled to Brazil to study several religions that are mostly native to that area. She told me that in the heart of Rio de Jenero, a very wealthy and modern part of the city, she was mugged three times within a couple of weeks. In the slums that surround the city, she experienced no crime or violence at all even though the drug trade is very active in the slums that surround major Brazilian cities.

Paul K. Ogden said...

One thing about that area, although it's nice, it's only a mile or so away from some crime riddled neighborhoods..

Nicolas Martin said...

The is no surprise to me. I am routinely robbed by gangsters directed by someone who lives in the governor's mansion.

marksmall2001 said...

He does not live in the Governor's Mansion. I thought he lives in Hamilton County. And that is a point to be made. In the early 1980s, Mayor Jane Byrne of Chicago made a point of moving into Cabrini Green, a crime-ridden part of the Chicago Housing Authority, as a PR bit. Crime fell in that part of "the Green" because there were so many cops around Her Honor. Governor Daniels could do something similar. Move back into the Mansion. The cops would be back and crime might just go down. Of course, in Chicago, crime occurred other places. But the PR for the mayor, and the environment of those who lived in that section of The Green at least for a while, improved. They tore down Cabrini Green a few weeks back. Mayor Jane is long since gone (the PR had not been good enough to help her get re-elected). She lived just off the Gold Coast.