Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meeting of Indiana Attorneys, Law School Graduates and Law School Students To Discuss Issues Related to the Legal Profession

TO:  Indiana Attorneys, Law School Graduates and Law School Students

RE:  Informal Meeting To Discuss Issues Related to the Legal Profession in Indiana

DATE and TIME:  Tuesday, August 16, 2011, 7 p.m.

LOCATION:  Indianapolis TBA  (Will announce the exact place for the meeting about a week out.)

CONTACT:  Paul K. Ogden, 317-297-9720,  pogden297@comcast.net

Over the course of the last several years, I have heard countless complaints from Indiana attorneys about matters related to the legal profession, some of which I have addressed on this blog.  Organizations such as the Indiana and Indianapolis Bar Associations, though have not once lifted a finger to address any of these concerns.   I don't believe those traditional attorney organizations, dominated by partners at big law firms, will ever take those complaints seriously unless they see attorneys organized and speaking in a unified voice.  The purpose of this meeting is to take the first step in organizing to address those long ignored concerns.

What are the issues I would like attorneys to discuss at the meeting?  Here are a few:
  • Law schools lying to students about job employment numbers and salaries
  • Law schools failing to teach graduates the basics involved in practicing law
  • Failure of law schools to help graduates looking for legal employment
  • A lack of jobs for attorneys due to an oversaturated job market
  • Poor, stagnant pay for associates, while partner salaries at big firms continue to increase
  • Further saturation of the job market brought on by the possible opening of a fifth law school, Indiana Tech, which would be the first for profit law school in the state
  • Enormous law school debt faced by many new attorneys
On another matter, I know that many attorneys, especially many new attorneys, have hung out their own shingle when they couldn't find jobs at law firms. These attorneys are often sharing space with other attorneys or are working out of home offices.  While cutting overhead makes a lot of sense, it is critical for a successful legal practice that attorneys be able to consult with other attorneys,sharing not only ideas, but documents that each have drafted  At the meeting, in addition to the complaints about the profession, I hope to discuss ways that attorneys in different locations, utilizing modern technology, can engage in much needed consultative practices that are an everyday experience for attorneys who work in a medium to large-sized law firm.

Please contact me if you're a law student, graduate and/or attorney who is interested in attending the meeting on August 16th.  I would like to get a count by August 9th.  My contact information is at the top of this page.


Jade Turner said...

This must be a very exciting meeting and discussion. I hope that everything went right. It is the right of every law student to know all regarding their own profession. This includes both the positive and negative one. What important is that, the committee says the truth and nothing but the truth. There is no point in lying in front of these law students. Eventually, they will know that being a lawyer does not always give greener pasture. However, giving false positive assumptions among law students will also inculcate negative notions about the organizer, committee, people behind it and even the school. Credibility is important so it's also essential to give factual information about a certain profession.

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Walter Fennigan said...

Lawyer is one of the most rewarding jobs in the US today. This is the reason why many students are taking up courses that can be a preparatory course to becoming a lawyer in the future. It is difficult to achieve this goal. So, it is expected for the current lawyers to give the proper education and discussion regarding the profession. It is indeed unacceptable to provide false positive assumptions to the students about being a lawyer. It is the absolute right of the students to know all about the profession itself.

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