Thursday, June 16, 2011

City Sued for Steering Lucrative Towing Contract to Politically Connected Company

Fox 59 reports, apparently exclusively, that the City of Indianapolis has been sued over steering lucrative towing contract to a politically-connected company, Zore's.  The City is also accused of handing out a contract to Interstate Towing, a company which has allegedly been involved in predatory towing sweeps.

Back in November, I predicted they would steer the contract to Zore's. In addition to hiring former GOP Chairman Tom John as a lobbyist and Councilor Bob Lutz to do legal work, Zore's also hired Republican operative Lesa Detrick and Democrat bigwig Lacey Johnson, all of whom work at the law firm, Ice Miller. Apparently if companies want to win contracts in Indianapolis, they need to make political contributions and hire the right attorneys and lobbyists.


Anonymous said...

Ok so let me make sure I get this straight. One firm is smart enough to hire consultants who know what they're doing and help him come up with a creative bid allowing him to win the contract. The sore losers decide it isn't fair he was smarter than them, and decide to sue?

Paul K. Ogden said...

Apparently you missed the part about the City rigging the bidding process.

It's not about hiring "consultants who know what they're doing." It's about hiring consultants with political influence, pure and simple. The question should always be what is best for the taxpayers. Unfortunately in this adminsitration taxpayers are not a consideration.

Unigov said...

First comment - wow, your stupidity is epic. How about if whatever you do were outlawed - how would you like that ?

In Indianapolis if you have a wreck, and in the next lane is a towtruck, the towtruck driver cannot legally ask you if you want a tow.

Welcome to Germany, 1939.

Unknown said...

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