Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Democratic Candidate Melina Kennedy Scores an Impressive Win

In 2000, I ran in a contested primary against Shane Brnkman. Shane's mother, Joyce, had been a very popular legislator in the same Pike Township district and later served as State Treasurer.  While I won the primary, I had to work my tail off.  I learned first hand the difficulties running against someone who is the off-spring of a well-liked politician.

Melina Kennedy
With about 20 precincts left to count, Kennedy has over 76% of the vote against Sam Carson, son of former Congresswoman Julia Carson and former at-large councilor, Ron Gibson. While the Washington Street Politics blog may not be impressed by that performance, I certainly am.  I never dreamed she could get to 76% facing two very credible, though not very active, challengers.  I thought if Kennedy got to 65% that would be an excellent performance.

It is clear that the Democrats are solidly behind Melina Kennedy in this campaign.  To win, Ballard has to get almost all Republican votes (unlikely given his fiscally liberal record) and reach across to Democrats..  There is nothing to suggest that Ballard can do either of those things.  If Ballard has a path to victory this fall, I don't know where it is.

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