Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Correction Regarding CICF's Role in Terminating Crime Prevention Grants

Previously I commented on a Fox 59's report regarding the role Central Indiana Communication Foundation had in terminating grants.  I questioned why CICF was involved in the screening of grants as that role was given to the Parks Foundation.  According to Mike Knight, Communications Director of CICF, the Fox 59 report was in error regarding CICF's involvement.  Here is what Mr. Knight emailed me:
I read your April 11th post regarding the Community Crime Prevention Grant Program and wanted to provide some additional information regarding its content (which is based in part on WXIN’s initial report from Sunday evening, April 10th. You referred to that in your post, and provided a link, and if you’ll follow that link, you’ll find the story has been pulled from the site).

Unfortunately WXIN’s initial story was inaccurate: CICF is not involved in the Community Crime Prevention Grant Program, but Indianapolis Parks Foundation, a support organization of CICF, is.

IPF is a separate entity from CICF with its own board of directors, and acts independently of CICF. For more information about CICF and the Parks Foundation, and a press release further detailing the grant program from the Parks Foundation, please go here:

For an updated version of the Fox story, please go here:,0,585858.story

And for the Indianapolis Star’s version, check here:

To its credit, Fox was diligent in trying to correct the inaccuracies, which included pulling the page and we do appreciate it. We also appreciate your content and consideration, and my hope is you’ll update your post to reflect this more accurate information.


Mike Knight
Communications Director
Central Indiana Community Foundation
615 N. Alabama Street, Suite 119
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317.631.6542 ext. 187

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