Thursday, April 28, 2011

Democratic At-Large Council Candidate Pat Andrews Ad Hits TV Airwaves With Spot

Pat Andrews would be an enormous asset on the council.   No one knows budgetary or finance issues better than she does.


Nicolas Martin said...

Odd that you recommend Pat Andrews. Her message is standard issue progressivism, and she clearly doesn't understand economics if she adopts the "living wage" rhetoric.

She advocates a politics that you ordinary claim to repudiate, so I can't make sense of this unless your politics is a pragmatic-amoral one that assumes government is more about technocracy than ideology, which I think is bunk.

Blog Admin said...

Nicolas, you distort what Pat actually said.

She said she wants to "fight to create jobs that pay a living wage". She isn't talking about raising the minimum wage or anything like that. But if the city is going to heavily subsidize companies via tax abatements and other giveaways, it might as well be to employers that pay a decent wage.

It's apparent that you have done little research on what Andrews actually stands for. Go check out her blog, Had Enough Indy. Nobody running for council understands city budgets and finances better than her. Sure, she has some lefty believes like she's very pro-union, but how often does that type of stuff come before the City-County Council? Almost never.

Paul K. Ogden said...
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Paul K. Ogden said...

Pat Andrews is a liberal Democrat. (I don't believe in the "living wage" stuff either.) But she also is honest and believes in fiscal responsibility. She would not have votedfor a 50 year parking meter deal, the No-So $100K deal, or the Pacers $33.5 million giveaway. All our Republican councilors did exactly that. (Except for Christine Scales.)

Pat is also independent and her knowledge of the budget and city finances is greater than both the Republican and Democratic caucuses put together. I would much prefer having someone on the counsel who has integrity, knowledge and the backbone to do what is right. Really, would you rather have Pat Andrews or Republican Angel "I've never met a corproate welfare scheme or tax increase I wouldn't support" Rivera? In pure intellect alone, Andrews is a 1000 times better than Rivera.