Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Most Overhyped Storm of the Century; Time for the Indy Residents to Get Back to Work

When I woke up this morning, flipped on the TV news. Scrolling across the bottom of the screen were numerous closings, most right here in Indianapolis. I thought, great, we got a bunch of snow last night. But when I went out it was exactly the same as I left it last night.

No offense to those who live outside of Indianapolis, but for those of us who live in the big city, this has to be the most overrated storm ever. I have lived in my home for over two decades. During previous winter storms, I have often had trouble getting through my long driveway or even getting out of my neighborhood. This time, I've never had any problem getting out to the main raods..

Yesterday morning, I went into work early. I quickly got out of my neighborhood, onto 56th Street then onto Kessler Avenue. Soon I was on I-65 South which was completely clear. (Ballard's first year of snow/ice removal was a disaster. He's been much improved since.). It took me no longer to get to work yesterday than it did a day in the middle of the summer.

When I went out for lunch yesterday, I was surprised to find many restaurants closed. A friend of mine and I went to the Ice House on the near southside. How appropriate. After working, I stopped by the Healthplex at 38th and Guion Road to work out. It was closed. A sign said it had closed early at 5 pm. Why? There was no approaching weather that was making the situation worse that evening.

Now I can understand why maybe schools should be closed given the ice that still covers sidewalks and parking lots. But it seems like adults are just using this as an excuse for a mid-winter vacation. It's time for the adults to sack up and get back to work.


IndyDem said...

We were supposed to get more snow yesterday at 1 that continued till early this morning.
We didnt open because when downtown workers dont come in, we dont have any business. So with the comming snow we called our clients and they said to reschedule them so we didnt risk coming in on icy roads for no business.

Paul K. Ogden said...

We got some spitting snow yesterday morning and early afternoon. Very light. Downtown was pretty deserted though.

Southsider said...

S/east and did not have any problem on any of the days. School closed again, however girls basketball practice has been called for this afternoon!!!!!

M Theory said...

My front and back steps are covered in 4 inches of thick ice that I can't get off. My front yard has a slope that effectively is a solid sheet of ice. I fell hard yesterday leaving and coming home. It is treachery to get to either my front or back door.

One of the parking lots at work is on a slight slope. That slight slope, covered in a solid sheet of ice, nearly caused me to T-bone another car because my car would not stop until it was just inches from the other car.

I hurt head to toe from the falls I've had. I cannot put any pressure on one arm because it hit my concrete steps when I fell.

If an elderly person took a fall like I did, they would likely have broken bones. It is nearly impossible to navigate sidewalks and parking lots without falling.

Cato said...

The Ice House? Yeccchhh, what could you possibly find there to eat? It has the look of a place that would be good, but the food is horrible.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Cato, I don't agree. I like the Ice House food and it's relatively cheap.

Ummmm....cheeseburger with a beer while playing hookey from work is excellent.

Covenant60 said...

I'll go to the Ice House once the smoking ban is applied to them.

I am originally from Chicago, so I think pretty much all Indianapolis winter "storms" are overrated.

Cato said...

I had the burger at Ice House. It sucked. Overcooked and uninspired. Very take-it-as-it-comes Indy style. Boogie Burger in Broad Ripple makes a Cato-worthy burger.

Pity, too. Ice House has a good location and a cool look, but they need a discriminating, urban, non-Indy, kitchen manager.

This goes equally for Barringer's Tavern on South Meridian, another total disappointment.

Blog Admin said...

I have some personal issues with Boogie Burger that readers of my blog can find out if they dig into the first few months of my blog.

As long as we're talking about the topic of good burgers, I think there are two categories. Casual dining that can be grab and go, and sit-down dinging.

For a casual grab, even though it's a chain, Five Guys has to get a mention. Excellent burgers, tons of toppings, good service, Pepsi products.

Downside? No desserts.

Also, Mr. Dan's. Longtime Indy residents might remember a Gay Dan's off of Mass Ave. Mr. Dan's is now the chain's name. There's one at Keystone and Fall Creek, one at 5925 Mass Ave, and one at 411 South West St. 24 hours, closed Sundays. Also have excellent tenderloins and Lemonade.

Finally, Working Man's Friend has the best burgers in town bar none.

Cato said...

Five Guys cooks their burgers well done, has fresh cut fries and Pepsi.

That's strikes one, two and three.

Bearing in mind that Indy is chain mecca, good burgers here can be found at:

Boogie Burger
Bub's - flippin' loud, though
Cheesecake Factory
Ruby Tuesday
And my favorite, Charleston's on 82nd

If you're willing to drive, the best burger in the area is at Nick's in Bloomington.

For a fast-food burger, Steak-n-Shake and Culver's are both fine.

White Castle is awesome but sui generis.

M Theory said...

Try the Bison burger at Binkley's in Meridian Kessler. It's memorable and good for you!

And back to the far there have been at least 2 fender benders in our parking lots at the office due to the ice. The storm's impact is still being felt. I haven't learned of anyone breaking a leg or arm yet, but plenty of people are bruised and have fallen and hit their heads.