Thursday, February 17, 2011

Indianapolis Mayoral and Council Candidate List With One Day to Go (includes correction)

Filing closes tomorrow.

Correction: I inadvertently listed Isaac Pernell (D)as an at-large candidate. He is a candidate in District 11.

Sam Carson (D)
Ron Gison (D)
Melina Kennedy (D)
Bob Kern (D)

Greg Ballard (R)

1st Dist
Susan Blair (R)

2nd Dist
Angela Mansfield (D)
James Patterson (D)

Anthony Simons (R)

3rd Dist
Conrad Cortellini (D)
Len Farber (D)
Rick Rising-Moore(D)

Ryan Vaughn (R)

4th Dist
Kostas Poulakidas (D)

Christina Scales (R)

5th Dist
Ginny Cain (R)

6th Dist
Brett Voorhies (D)

Janice Shattuck McHenry (R)
Grant Price (R)

7th Dist
Maggie Lewis (D)

8th Dist
Monroe Gray (D)
Tyrone Chandler (D)

Stu Rhodes (R)

9th Dist
Joe Simpson (D)

Robert Collier (R)

10th Dist
William (Duke) Oliver (D)

11th Dist
Paul Bateman (D)
Isaac Pernell (D)
Steve Tally (D)

12th Dist
Regina Marsh (D)

Deven Cannon (R)
Mike McQuillen (R)

13th Dist
Robert Lutz (R)

14th Dist
Marilyn Pfisterer (R)

15th Dist
David King Baird (D)
Patrice Duckett (D)
Vop Osili (D)

16th Dist
Brian Mahern (D)
Eugene Francis Wallace (D)

17th Dist
Mary Moriarity-Adams (D)

Gary Whitmore (R)

18th Dist
Vernon Brown (D)

19th Dist
Dane Mahern (D)

Jeff Miller (R)

20th Dist
Susie Day (R)

21st Dist
Ben Hunter (R)

22nd Dist
Doug White (D)

Jason Holliday (R)

23rd Dist
Jeff Cardwell (R)

24th Dist
Kent John (R)
Jack Sandlin (R)

25th Dist
Aaron Freeman (R)

Patricia (Pat) Andrews (D)
John Barth (D)
Sherron Franklin (D)
Leroy Robinson (D)
Joanne Sanders (D)

Jackie Cissell (R)
Michael Kalscheur (R)
Barb Malone (R)
Angel Rivera (R)


Jon E. Easter said...

Bob Kern...oh my.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Jon, he has a felony. I think that precludes him from running for a state or local office. (He was bumped from the ballot last time, I do believe.) He can run for a federal position though.

Blog Admin said...

So who is this Bob Kern fellow?

Wilson46201 said...

Google "Bobby Hidalgo Kern" -- it isn't often you have a cross-dressing convicted felon and jailbird running for office often. And I do mean often!

Wilson46201 said...

In 1972 William "Skinny" Alexander was elected to the General Assembly. When it was discovered this Black legislator had a juvenile felony record the Legislature recoiled in horror and passed the "no felony" law for Indiana elections and office-holding. Somehow the State had managed to limp along since 1816 without such a prohibition...

Bobby always runs in Federal races since there's no such prohibition in the US Constitution. I'm surprised he even attempted to file for Mayor.

Paul K. Ogden said...


Thanks for the history.

Indiana does allow convicted felons to long as they are not incarcerated. So you have to give the state credit for that.

I'll never forget the Daily Show doing the interview of Bobby Kern after he had won the primary against the endorsed Democrat candidate and faced off against Dan Burton. They started asking him about his history and making fun of him. It got to the point where it wasn't remotely funny anymore. They really crossed the line of human decency that day.

Unknown said...

I am Bob Kern and I never have tried to hide the fact that I was a convicted felon. What I do have a problem with is slandering my name because someone writes a story about me or a news blog about my sexual business does not make it right. I am not a cross dresser!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Bob is my cousin and he is a great guy

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I hear to talk about the issues and also me not being a cross dresser

Unknown said...

Wilson 46201 thanks for your great comments and your opinions. I decided to run to stop the injustice in the justice system. Attorneys, Judges and Law Makers believe in the letter of the law and that it is absolute.

I believe that laws are made by people and people are often wrong.

But the world needs both of us the Law is nothing without what is right and fair and just. wealthy are set free while the poor and uneducated gets pooped on, and the middle class is in the middle waiting to be heard.

Unknown said...

I am Bob Kern I am 46, life long resident and been a democrat the entire time.