Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Indianapolis Council Candidates Bank on Little Money Entering Highly Contested 2011 Election (Updated to Include Omitted Challengers)

Update: Apparently I left out several challengers, including the leading fundraiser, Kostas Poulakidas. Sorry...


I looked over the final 2010 campaign finance reports of everyone on the council who is an incumbent or running for a seat in 2011 and had filed a campaign finance report for 2010. A campaign finance report is required if the candidate raised or spent $500 in 2010 or had an open campaign committee.

Kostas Poulakidas (D Challenger) $33,597.71
Jeff Cardwell (R Incumbent) $23,322
Mike McQuillen (R Incumbent) $14,531.55
Zach Adamson (D Challenger) $13,225.13
Joanne Sanders (D Incumbent) $10,026.83
John Barth (D Challenger) $9,042.94
Dane Mahern (D Incumbent) $7,370.29
Jose Evans (D Incumbent) $7,226.71
Ryan Vaughn (R Incumbent) $6,469.85
Ben Hunter (R Incumbent) $6,099
Virginia Cain (R Incumbent) $4,941.49
Marilyn Pfisterer (R Incumbent) $4,760.61
Maggie Lewis (D Incumbent) $4,513
Vop Osili (D Challenger) $4,463.69 (balance on Secretary of State 2010 annual report)
Christina Scales (R Incumbent) $4,450
Jack Sandlin (R Incumbent) $4,375.19
Janice McHenry (R Incumbent) $3,196.99
Bob Lutz (R Incumbent) $3,184.47
Brian Mahern (D Incumbent) $2,771.12
Pat Andrews (D Challenger) $1,938.77
Jackie Nytes (D Incumbent) $1,695.98 (not seeking re-election)
Mary Moriarity-Adams (D Incumbent) $1,611.70
Michael Kalscheur (R Challenger) $1,590
Barb Malone (R Incumbent) $1,487.50
Annette Johnson (D Incumbent) $1,477
Angela Mansfield (D Incumbent) $1,250.45
Ed Coleman (L Incumbent) $1,248
Steve Talley (D Challenger) $1,100
Angel Rivera (R Incumbent) $1,096.97
Susie Day (R Incumbent) $779.05
Aaron Freeman (R Incumbent) $620.00
Bob Cockrum (R Incumbent) $281.54 (not seeking re-election)
William Oliver (D Incumbent) $276.43
Doris Minton-McNeil (D Incumbent) $0 (not seeking re-election)
Paul Bateman (D Incumbent) $0


Blog Admin said...

Adams is a D.

Pete Boggs said...

Or an expense tapered exit...

Paul K. Ogden said...

Thanks, IS. Editing mistake.

Ben said...

Am I missing Bateman?Talley is runnign against him in the primary

Paul K. Ogden said...

Ben...overlooked Bateman and have now added him. His report was all goose eggs. Zero raised, zero spent, zero in bank before and after year started.

IndyDem said...

You cut me to the quick, Sir..You left me off and I even ran into you at the clerks office..

Barnard said...

What about Kostas? Didn't he raise $30K?

Ben said...

How much does Baird have.He is running against Vop Osili in the 15th.I know that Baird is connected in the 15th,but he has a lot of baggage.

Also, do you thnk that Brooks can win a single race in Center Township?

Ben said...

Paul, loks like you have hit on an interesting topic.

Everyone knows it takes a ton of cash to win at large seats.There is simply no way that the four at large R candidates can raise the needed cash.

ALL ofthe MCRCC cash will go to the Mayor

Paul K. Ogden said...

Geez...I'm sorry I left out so many people. Let me update.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I don't see a 2010 report for Baird. I doubt Brooks will win an council seats in Center Twp. They're safe D.

Ben said...

Wow, when you out do Cardwell on Fundraising you must be doing something right. He is the master at it.

George what ever his name is could be a factor..NOT