Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Left Turns Make A Right; New Blog Offers Streaming Video Political Debate

Please check out my friend attorney Mark Small's blog 3 Left Turns Make a Right. Mark is trying to raise the intellectual quality of the political debate on local, state and national issues. The slogan on his site is "Where the far left and far right overlap for fun and enlightenment."

Mark's blog includes a weekly streaming video political debate. I'm featured on the first one, debating with Mark the issue of whether there is a difference between the political parties. (Mark said "No" while I argued the contrary position.) Former Libertarian Congressional candidate Sean Shepherd debated Mark on the 10th Amendment, the most recent video on the site. Both videos can be found by following the links.

Here is a link to Mark's website. It can also be found in the right margin of this blog under the list of Blogs I Regularly Follow. I invite you to check it out.

1 comment:

M Theory said...

Mark was the attorney who handled my case when Peterson decided to launch his little witch hunt against me.

Mark calmly litigated the city for 20 months and helped me keep the whole thing in the media (since the mayor started it there).

Anyway, I watched both debates and they are great. It's wonderful to see civil discourse and I'm glad Mark got the project off the ground.

He's looking for other debaters.

P.s. I think the audience should vote on the debates during the following week.