Saturday, January 22, 2011

Top 10 Warmest and Coldest Years in Indianapolis Since 1871

I ran across this data on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's website while looking up some temperature records for Indianapolis.

Warmest Years on Average Since 1871
1921 56.5
1931 56.3
1998 56.0
1941 55.7
1874 55.6
1939 55.5
1938 55.2
1933 55.2
1922 54.9

Coolest Years on Average Since 1871
1960 50.5
1976 50.8
1924 50.9
1917 49.7
1885 49.8
1963 50.2
1979 50.3
1958 50.3
1904 50.4
1875 50.4

The other day I heard a global warming, er climate change, "expert," declare that the warmer than normal year we just experienced in 2010 was proof of global warming. That's utter nonsense. The temperature is constantly fluctuating from year to year...warming and cooling trends last thousands if not tens of thousand of years. To get any sort of accurate determination as to a long term trend you have to feed into the computer at the very least hundreds of thousand years of temperature records, not just the last 139 years when records were kept. Yet those who believe in man is causing dangerous global warming, er climate change, want to ignore all the climate data prior to official temperature records...probably because going back further doesn't support their political agenda.

The above information does not show a trend...nor should it. It is only a 139 year sample, a tiny grain of sand on the beach of human history. You have to step back and look at the entire beach to discern temperature trends. That's what a scientist interested in the truth rather than a politically correct conclusion would do. Unfortunately there are too many advocates of global warming, er climate change, who simply have no interest in honest science.


Skaggs47274 said...


If you add the years and divide the sum you get the "average" year.

The average warmest year: 1933

The average coolest year: 1934

Not much difference.

varangianguard said...


That "average" seems to be a pointless exercise if you are looking to extract meaning from it.

What are you trying to infer?

Ellen said...

You're looking at weather, again, and local weather at that.

Climate is a different category.