Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mayor Ballard's Astonishing Campaign Spending During Non-Election Years, Ogden On Politics Estimate Mayor's Campaign Spent $1.2 Million in Off Years

Over at Advance Indiana, Gary Welsh writes a piece questioning Ballard's campaign money went. According to published reports. Mayor Ballard will report about $1.4 million on hand. Assuming that report is accurate, that would mean that the Ballard campaign only netted $400K during 2009.

Welsh picks up on the story that I have addressed in the past and the mainstream media continues to overlook - Ballard's incredible level of off-year campaign spending. During Ballard's first off year he raised $835,037, an impressive number until you look at the fact his campaign in 2008 spent $435,622.

In 2009, Ballard raised $831,080, once again an impressive number. But in 2009, his campaign spent $377,578, another astonishing number for an off-year.

A the end of 2009, Ballard had just over a million in the bank. If he only has $1.4 million now as reported, that again means he spent as much as $400,000 in an off year, probably more.

The level of Ballard off-year spending is extraordinary for any candidate. The norm is that an incumbent has a skeleton campaign staff during off-years and the candidate builds up the war chest going into the election year. During these three off years, my estimate is that Ballard's campaign will have spent more than $1.2 million during off-years when he didn't make a single media buy.

The Indiana Republican State Committee should take a long look at how the Ballard campaign is being run. It certainly isn't being run in the best interest of the candidate. It appears the profiteers, aren't just in the city's government but are also part of the Mayor's campaign team.


Downtown Indy said...

Wonder what his son's salary is these days? Is the mayor spending heavily for PR work?

M Theory said...

He didn't need all that money to get elected the first time.

If he's doing all he promised on the campaign trail, he wouldn't need all this money to get re-elected now would he?

He needs the money now to compensate for the priceless grassroots support he had in 2007.

All that money is never going to replace what Ballard once got for free.

Paul K. Ogden said...


We'll know more when the Ballard report comes out. Donors should be outraged though regarding how the Ballard campaign has squandered its money.