Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Liars, Damn Liars, and Abdul

Over on Twitter, Abdul is back to making up stuff. This time the rumor he seeks to get going is that blogger Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana is leaving the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party ...and the Libertarians don't want him.

In the Twitter feed (attyabdul), State Libertarian Chairman Chris Spangle, who I do greatly respect, laughs off Abdul's newest lie. Over at Indiana Democrat, Jon Easter, another person I respect, noted that Abdul was making up things about the Democrats. Easter also more or less laughs off the fibbing.

Abdul's lies, in particular the shot at Gary Welsh shouldn't be laughed off as a joke. It speaks volumes about the man's complete lack of integrity. He wasn't just passing along a rumor, he was deliberately trying to undermine Welsh's credibility and was more than willing to lie to do that.

Unfortunately laughing off Abdul's dishonesty and underhanded tactics at destroying people's credibility, simply encourages Abdul to continue with his tactics. In the world that screams out for honest public discourse, we need fewer people like Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.


Advance Indiana said...

Paul, The Democrats joke about deliberately feeding misinformation to Abdul that they know he will quickly report without independently verifying just to make him look like a fool. Then he complains when they won't come on his radio talk show. It's no small wonder that his radio talk show is the lowest rated in the city according to Arbitron.

Anonymous said...

Yet you'll notice this guy shows up everywhere, as though his success is guaranteed regardless of his integrity? I am no libertarian (though I do agree with some libertarian aruguments, especially as regards war and drug legalization), but I think the world benefits from all viewpoints; except when the people who espouse those viewpoints continually claim stuff that cannot be verified, and are utilizing their pulpit as a career move, rather than as a way to move public discourse in a positive direction...