Thursday, December 30, 2010

Channel 16 Features the Best of Ballard

Often when I have difficulty getting to sleep, I turn the television to Channel 16, the local government channel. Watching the latest zoning board hearing or council committee hearing usually puts me to sleep pretty quickly.

Lately I've noticed some strange things going on with Channel 16. They have started re-running really old programs, programs televised months earlier. Usually the meetings featured on Channel 16 are of fairly recent vintage, a few weeks old at best. Recently though Channel 16 showed the Mayor's State of the City address from January of 2010. I watched the Mayor present firefighters awards - again from early 2010. Just last night I watched a March 2010 Mayor's Night Out on the southside.

If those examples make it sound like there is a common theme on all these old programs being shown on Channel 16, that is indeed the case. Many if not most of the old re-runs feature the Mayor in prominent roles.

What is going on? Is Mayor Ballard using Channel 16 to increase his positive name ID going into the election?


varangianguard said...

Maybe they don't have anybody to make or edit new programming due to cuts?

Blog Admin said...

While that might seem like a good idea, who the hell watches Channel 16?

People who pay attention to (local) politics whose minds are likely already made up, and maybe the odd student who needs to do some homework on some form of government.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Nah, Varan. They don't really do editing. They just plug it in and play it. It's only been recently that they've been running really old stuff.

IS, I didn't say it was a good campaign strategy. It does show a misuse of public resources though. That's what I'm more concerned about.

Jon said...

The Best of Ballard, now there is an oxymoron.

IndyNorth2South said...

An Alternative Reality Show.