Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bloggers Finally Agree on Something: DADT Had to Go

I have yet to find a local blogger, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, who opined in favor of keeping the do not ask, do not tell policy forcing gay men and women to keep their sexuality a secret or be discharged from the military.

Here are the local blogs that applauded the DADT repeal:

Advance Indiana
Indiana Barrister
Indy Democrat
Indianapolis Times
Indy Student
Ogden on Politics
Washington Street Politics

I think some of the other blogs have simply not got around to the issue or their focus is simply elsewhere.y how have times changed.


Cato said...

Oh, dear friend, not all internet outposts are so enlightened. A majority of posters on argued against repeal, and a fair number of hateful dimwits in the intolerant right yet argue that it is illegal for homosexuals to be in the military, despite instant legislation to the apparent contrary.

These tenacious haters think they'll be able to maintain a successful enduring exclusion of homosexuals from the military by charging, prosecuting and discharging homosexuals under the sodomy provision of the Uniform Code of Military Justice ("UCMJ").

These criminally ignorant hicks think that Congress and Obama are nothing more than legally unsophisticated rubes who've engaged in a mere political show in repealing DADT, as, is contended, they forgot to change the truly controlling law, the UCMJ. I kid you not. They are this stupid and vengeful.

All I can say to such sadly misguided and hateful persons is "try it." Go ahead, and attempt to prosecute a homosexual for being such, and watch what happens to your freedom and career.

Congress and the President have clearly spoken. If any military member thinks he'll be able to show up the President with some back-handed legal chicanery, he'll be picking a fight with an opponent who will squash him, harshly, quickly and completely.

To finalize this change in policy, the military will be looking to make an example of someone who refuses to integrate, and if the intolerant offender is particularly egregious in frustrating integration, they will bring court-martial and send the bigot away for a while.

Be forewarned, bigots.

Indy Student said...

Cato, I don't think it's outright bigotry. As Paul said in previous posts, it's a generational thing. I know older LIBERALS who are not supportive of LGBT equality. Bil Browning, who went to that far-left rally that happened a week or two before Stewart/Colbert's rally, reported hearing some deragtory words when a group he was with tried to promote some LGBT issues in a pro-union very liberal crowd.

Paul K. Ogden said...

The Uniform Code of Military Justice doesn't override an act by Congress. That would be like an agency regulation trumping a law. In fact an agency regulation that is outside the dictates of a law is not valid.

Wow are those folks off base.

Thanks, Cato, I was going to search to find people who favor keeping DADT. I don't agree that it's just the far right that supports keeping DADT. I know a lot of far righters who support the repeal. From all I've seen it's a generational thing. I've seen liberal older folks support DADT.

Cato said...

Paul and IS, I know there's much appeal in Paul's thesis that opposition to integration is generational, but my experience is that it is borne largely from class.

I do stipulate that younger people will be more tolerant of homosexuals than older people, but in the Republican core, which is not well-educated and well-mannered Paul Ogden raised in an intellectual Catholic household, it appears to be a rite of passage to become intolerant by the time one crosses 20.

These core Republican constituencies view the military as finishing school, that place they can go to receive their service-to=the-country credentials which they will proudly parade the remainder of their lives and which serve as an admission ticket to most of the core Republican social networks.

If homosexuals are admitted to the military, that bonding experience that these core groups have shared with prior generations takes on a different character, and the very nature of service is changes. Forced tolerance gives new Republican generations a different formative experience than prior generations who enjoyed institutionalized intolerance and used that bigotry as a foundation for so many political beliefs. The nature of that lifelong boasting credential is about to change profoundly, and these core groups cannot afford to let it pass without a fight.

Anonymous said...

Greg Garrison on WIBC has been blasting his disapproval over the airwaves with the most foul, homophobic commentary I believe I've ever heard.

Indy Student said...

Atlas, you should've been listening to him when he was raging against the HRO. If you look at the archives of Advance Indiana circa 2006/07, you'll see several juicy tidbits.