Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marion County Township Results

When I first started in Marion County politics in 1986, it was easy to explain the political makeup of the county. Democrats dominated Center Township, while Republicans had solid control over the eight townships surrounding Center. Things have changed, and where I live, Pike, they changed quickly. Having witnessed that history, township results have always piqued my interest.

All the precincts have now reported, and we can review the township results. The races in Wayne and Lawrence Townships were extremely close.

WAYNE TOWNSHIP: In Wayne, Republican Andy Harris had one of the bigger wins over Trustee David King Baird, defeating the incumbent by four percentage points. (I should point out that there had been some negative media reports about Baird's running of the Trustee's Office that undoubtedly didn't help.) Republican candidate for Wayne Township Judge, Danny Vaughn, won by six votes over Maxine King. The Democrats held on to one office - Constable, with Bill Newman winning by 28 votes over Republican Alan Driver.

LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP: Lawrence also had a mixed result. Democrat incumbent Trustee Russ Brown won by a few percentage points. Republican James Joven squeaked out a very close vote to be re-elected Lawrence Township Judge. In the Constable race, Democratic blogger Terry Burns won by 108 votes.
Obviously some of these results may change when the official count comes in as well as any recounts. I believe, but am not sure, the results include absentee ballots.

BASELINE NUMBERS: Moving on to the critical baseline R-D numbers for the townships. Here is what I believe they were for the 2010 election:

Center 25-75
Decatur 63-37
Franklin 77-23
Lawrence 50-50
Perry 68-32
Pike 35-65
Warren 46-54
Washington 42-58
Wayne 50-50

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