Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Ballard Years--Volume 2

The shot at Ballard on unemployment is not really fair. That's more of a national and state-wide trend a Mayor can't do a lot about. The comment about the murder rate "skyrocketing" is flat out wrong. The crime rate might or might not be up, but the murder rate is staying pretty steady. The problem for Republicans is that the rest of the ad is 100% correct. I've been screaming about this for two years now...that the Mayor is just handing the Democrats political ammunition with the politically tone deaf things he's done in office. The Mayor's political advisers are either just clueless or they don't care if the Mayor is re-elected.


varangianguard said...

Fair? Hmm. Don't remember "fair" being part of local politics 101.

It's a propaganda piece. Lots of material to work with, but put together by an intern at lunch.

Won't sway voters. Does stir up a hornet's nest on the other side of the fence, though. Effective in that sense.

Amused that some Republicans are affronted by the "lies", so called. That in itself is propaganda of the worst kind. lol

Bradley said...

And the buddy system of Republican politics at the state and city level continue: http://www.indystar.com/article/201011090245/LOCAL18/11090321

You have to wonder how Spalding has done his job effectively at any of the places he has been considering he was not at any of them very long. More likely, he probably was not effective or helpful at any of the jobs. I do not know him personally so I cannot say, but it looks like the Republican good ol' boy system at work.

And speaking of good ol' boys, I do know of Marc Lotter, with his lying ways at Workforce Development. It has to be pretty bad for him to leave DWD (I know, a pay increase of $14,000 per year was involved) to join the sinking ship that is the Ballard administration and be out of a job come January 2012. How badly is DWD sinking then?

Pretty darn badly.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I don't agree. Just because an ad doesn't have expensive production value doesn't mean it won't be effective.

The ad conveys a great deal of information and it is information that is deadly, putting Ballard on the defensive. It's an ad intended to define the incumbent. It does that. People watching it are going to walk away asking whether the information is true.

One thing differently is I'd try to have some source material at the bottom of each claim.

What they'll do is after setting the stage with an overall ad like this, they'll start expanding on the individual issues raised in the ad. That's when the production value is going to be more important.

The Democrats have a wide assortment of ammunition they can use against Ballard. This ad shows that.

M Theory said...

I don't think the dems need to do anything but cheap text ads like this one. They'll look frugal compared to Ballard's spending.

I like this type of ad. However, I think they need to get more specific with detail on everything they attack.

They could even run a little tag line at the bottom of each commercial stating how little was spent to bring the message and emphasize that they will be committed to costs in line once elected.

(not that the dems will keep an eye on crony-spending or will be one bit better or different than Ballard's administration or Peterson's before him)

Paul K. Ogden said...

This type of ad is effective IF it is a break from the usual slick ads that focus on the video preentation more than what is being said.

You can only do these types of ads once...then you have to move on to more traditional ads.

varangianguard said...

This is a "Chicken Little" ad. Most people don't expect the sky to really be falling (whether it is, or not).

This ad should have had video. Crime tapes and flashing red and blue police lights. A frustrated little old lady standing in front of a photoshopped ACS parking meter. Receipts showing tax increases. Somebody's water meter being turned off. Actors yukking it up with champagne over another "deal".

Maybe multiple ads showing each point in more detail?

If one is going to do propaganda, then freakin' do propaganda. No half measures.

Is this really rocket science?

guy77money said...

Heck lets hope the Democratic party didn't pay more then $100.00 for that ad. My son and I could have done it in about one (he's the power point pro) hour. I suppose I can print up a business card and put computer consultant and charge $350 an hour! The sad part is it would have been so easy to make. I would have put pictures in the back ground (libraries, murder rates) I don't know even a a couple of Star headlines instead of the colored back ground. It would have been more powerful. Of course that would have cost another grand. ;)