Friday, October 22, 2010

Prosecutor Candidate Terry Curry's $1,000 Club

This is a list of contributors who have given Marion County Democratic Prosecutor Candidate Terry Curry more than $1,000. I have included the most recent regular pre-general election report as well as the supplemental reports filed since. Sorry I can never get Blogger to do columns or any other kind of formatting.


Type Last Name First Name Amount Job
Individual Baker Hugh 1,000 Attorney
Individual Barteau William 1,500 Attorney
Individual Boerste Dean 1,000 Chief Marketing
Individual Broyles Nancy 1,750
Individual Bryan Tom 1,225 Business Owner
Individual Burke Craig 1,050 Attorney
Individual Chinn Scott 1,000 Attorney
Individual Crane Steven 2,500 Investor
Individual Crist Brian 3,381 Attorney
Individual Curry Lois 1,500 Retired
Individual Curry Terry 26,119 Attorney
Individual Delaney Kathleen 1,020 Attorney
Individual Drago Billie 1,150 CEO
Individual Duncan Mark 1,000 Constable
Individual Garvey Chip 1,200 Attorney
Individual Hahn Greg 1,285 Attorney
Individual Hall William 1,500 CEO
Individual Hays Lisa 1,450 Attorney
Individual Hogan Alan 2,500 Consultant
Individual Jackson Michele 1,350 Attorney
Individual Jongleux Lynn 1,250 Attorney
Individual Kammen Richard 1,000 Attorney
Individual King Alonzo 1,250
Individual Kosene Gerald 1,000 Kosene & Kosene
Individual Ladd Alan 1,420 Attorney
Individual Leach James 1,000 Business Executive
Individual Mahern Ed 1,100 Consulting
Individual Marshall Sheila 4,184 Attorney
Individual Moreau William 1,025 Attorney
Individual Pence Linda 1,085 Attorney
Individual Pope William 1,125 Attorney
Individual Purucker Jim 1,000 Gov't Affairs
Individual Richardson Gerald 1,000 CEO
Individual Riley Michael 1,250 Attorney
Individual Rimstidt David 1,035 Attorney
Individual Riordan Sarah 1,050 Attorney
Individual Rose Doug 1,277 Real Estate (Carmel)
Individual Sablosky Larry 1,500 Executive
Individual Scanlon Christopher 2,000 Attorney
Individual Schellinger James 5,000 CSO Architects
Individual Schloss Alice 1,976 Retired
Individual Schloss Alice 2,476 Attorney
Individual Schwitz-Pope Linda 1,350 Director
Individual Short Frank 1,300 Trustee
Individual Shrewsberry Brenda 1,000
Individual Simon Deborah 5,000 Philanthropist
Individual Simon Herb 2,500 Business Owner
Individual Southerland Dennis 1,000
Individual Stack Ann 7,750 Retired
Individual Stack Christopher 2,000 Doctor
Individual Taylor John 1,000 Attorney
Individual Tew Kip 1,000 Attorney
Individual Yosha Buddy 1,000 Attorney
Non-Indiv. Auto Dealers Exchange 2,000
Non-Indiv. Auto Sales & Service PAC 2,000
Non-Indiv. Baker & Daniels 5,057
Non-Indiv. Barnes & Thornburg 5,075
Non-Indiv. Bose McKinney 2,500
Non-Indiv. Browning Investments 1,000
Non-Indiv. Central Canal, LLC 1,000
Non-Indiv. Citizens for Excellence 5,000
Non-Indiv. Citymark 1,000
Non-Indiv. Coalition of United Professionals 3,500
Non-Indiv. Firstsource Capital 3,500
Non-Indiv. Frost Brown Todd 3,000
Non-Indiv. GRIDCO 2,500
Non-Indiv. Hall Render Killian 1,000
Non-Indiv. Indiana UAW-S.A. 1,000
Non-Indiv. Lee Cossell 1,000
Non-Indiv. Local 135 Drive 1,250
Non-Indiv. Marion County Democratic Cmte 32,000
Non-Indiv. Tabbert & Hahn 3,404
Non-Indiv. Taft Stettinius & Hollister 3,500
Non-Indiv. UAW PAC 10,000
Non-Indiv. United Ass'n of Plumbers 2,500
Non-Indiv. Victory 2010 Cmte (Jim Schellinger) 12,500
Non-Indiv. Vision Concepts 5,000
Non-Indiv. Zink Distributing 5,000
Supplemental Andre Carson for Congress 5,000
Supplemental Beth White Cmte 2,500
Supplemental Brenda Duety 1,000
Supplemental Frank White Cmte 5,000
Supplemental Herb Simon 2,500
Supplemental IUPAT-PAC 1,500
Supplemental Jennifer Simon 1,000
Supplemental Local 135 Drive 1,000
Supplemental Marion County Democratic Cmte 5,000


Downtown Indy said...

Occupation: Philanthropist

There's a tough gig for you.

Downtown Indy said...

I'm not sure what to think when ALMOST ALL the big contributors are from the legal profession.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Many of the attorneys on the list are not criminal defense lawyers who interact with the prosecutor's office. Most are the same D attorneys who give to D candidates in almost every election.

Paul K. Ogden said...


I'm not offended by that since the contributions are relatively small and as Gary said many are not even defense attorneys. When you look at the Massa contributions and almost all are from execs and government contractors who shouldn't have any interest in the prosecutor's office, but apparently do, that's a big concern.