Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Saga of Congressional Candidate Marvin Scott and Campaign Manager Stan Solomon

I haven't written anything on the biggoted tweets of Marvin Scott Campaign Manager Stan Solomon. Other bloggers have covered the subject so well, frankly there hasn't been a need. I though don't want people though to think I had no problem with the direction of the Scott campaign and the comments of his campaign manager.

Let me just link to Jon Easter's blog on the subject and say "Ditto."


Wilson46201 said...

Tea Partier Marvin Scott is the official nominee of the Republican Party - a strict-constitutionalist & small-government conservative!

"Twitter and Facebook are out of control," Scott told me. "The government should intervene and shut them down. Look at all the trouble they've caused my campaign."

jon porter said...

Uhm, Wilson, Marvin isn't tea party, was not the slated candidate (Carlos May was) and is getting no support from the GOP at pretty much any level.

Downtown Indy said...

Please don't offer a red-tipped cane to Wilson. You will only offend his sense of blind loyalty to the Democrats.

Wilson46201 said...

Carlos May isn't on the ballot anywhere this fall -- the majority of Republican voters last spring chose Marvin Scott to be their official nominee of the Republican Party of Indiana to go up against Democrat Congressman André Carson of Indianapolis.

Look at Marvin Scott's Facebok page: he's gone full tilt Tea Party!
Are you accusing him of misrepresentation and fabrication?

Downtown Indy said...

A majority of Republicans picked Marvin the Martian, a majority of Democrats picked Andre 'Kid' Carson.

There are few brains on either side of the fence. Both corrals are filled mostly with lunatics.