Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Phone Call to Ivy Tech- One Hour of My Life I Won't Get Back

I just hung up with the Ivy Tech's registrar's office. I had a quick question regarding information I had subpoenaed from the registrar. The voice mail gave you no choice of waiting, except for suggesting that I could look up FAQs on their webpage. I was told though there were only four callers ahead of me..not too bad.
I spent an hour on hold before someone finally picked up my call.
I teach at the University of Indianapolis and have called the registrar's office several times. Not once have I ever been put on hold, much less for a whole hour. Most colleges exist in a highly competitive environment and try to keep students and others happy not drive them away with obscene wait times. Apparently Ivy Tech isn't worried about competition. Not sure why.


Jon said...

Do Pat Bauer and William Crawford receive the same treatment? I bet not.

Blog Admin said...

Not on topic, but Urbanophile makes the claim that the ACS PArking deal is literally word for word the same deal Chicago got.