Tuesday, September 14, 2010

City Gives Pacers $1.6 Million for New Scoreboard While Library Cuts Hours and Budget by $1.5 Million

The Indianapolis Business Journal has an interesting juxtaposition of articles. The first article deals with the Capital Improvement Board, i.e. we the taxpayers, springing for $1.6 million in new interior signage for the Pacers. The signage will include a "ribbon board" that allows scrolling advertisements. Of course, the Pacers will get 100% of the advertising revenue from the new signs.

Next you have an article about the library cutting back hours. The downtown branch will be closed on Thursdays, while other branches will be closed on Fridays or Saturdays. The closings will save $1.5 million.

Does anyone see the connection? $1.6 million given to a billionaire sports owner while $1.5 million in cutbacks are made to services patronized by every day folks. It is all about the priorities of the Ballard administration.


Downtown Indy said...

I recall the time I negotiated a lease for our office space downtown.

We could have any amenities we wanted, and it would be figured into the lease and be reflected in our rent payments.

Man, how I wish we could have gotten a sweet deal like this. Then again, I'd have been thrilled with just a $1/yr lease payment.

The CIB should be charged with unfair business practices for not allowing equal deals for any other businesses in the city.

JeffW said...

Problem is, no more than a dozen folks seem to care.

M Theory said...

JeffW...more than that care. The problem is that no one is organizing community action in any meaningful way.

I am beginning to think that people need to take to the streets in support of our children, the libraries, and the parks as a FIRST PRIORITY before funding billionaires.

The library blew its credibility when it spent $150 million on a building we did not need.

Citizen Kane said...

The library has nothing to offer the thieves - at least nothing that the thieves lust after.