Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is the Purpose of the Board of Public Works?

Last night, I watched the video of the Board of Public Works meeting which considered the ACS parking deal. This a huge, questionable project, involving locking the City into a 50 year contract with a company that has already failed spectacularly at one privatization effort with the State. Further, ACS's performance in Washington, D.C.'s seven years plus parking deal was roundly criticized as reported on this blog. It is a deal which could net the contractor $1.2 billion.

Yet, the members of the Board, lead by David Sherman, Director of the Department of Public Works, could muster only one extremely lame, softball question from Board member Dorothy Henry. I was surprised to see Henry had been appointed to the Board. Then again, Henry was a rubberstamp when she was on the CIB so I guess the Mayor figured that made her an excelent board member. This administration loves the rubberstamp.

The Board unanimously approved the ACS contract...not a big surprise.

What exactly is the purpose of the Board of Public Works?


Blog Admin said...

I'd like to know the purpose of the IT Board when most of it's members seem to be political appointees with no background in IT. I think Sheriff Anderson is on the board!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Henry and her husband, who was put in charge of human resources for the Ballard administration (I'm sure his experience as a cop prepared him well for that job), are owned by Bob Grand. That's why Bob put her on the CIB and then had her appointed to this board to help his law firm earn millions of dollars. Unless you are crook on the take, you aren't eligible for service in the Ballard administration.